on to booky type things…

Hey! Thanks for the awesome comments on the last post, so great to hear about your own experiences with fitness. It's amazing the differences I've noticed in 2 months, I have more energy and am generally feeling mentally much more positive. Tomorrow we're weighing in and retaking our measurements which will be interesting!

Let's get back on track here at craftapalooza. So. A few crafty type books have recently been published which I have been fortunate to be included.

up is Kath's book "Whip Up Mini Quilts". I'm so excited about this one.
I submitted my design back in December 2008 and have been waiting for
it to be published and here it is! Kath hosted a month of mini
quilts over at whipup and showcased the designers in the book. Go check it out. I'm really proud of Kath, she has put together a really great mix of designers from all over the globe and the finished book has something for everyone.If you want a peek at my quilt design, Fat Quarterly (you have to check out Fat Quarterly) have a picture and quick, they're giving a copy away!

Secondly, have you all seen Kari Chapin's book "The Handmade Marketplace"?
It's a gem of a book, full disclosure I was interviewed and am
mentioned. NO, it's not a gem because I am in it, actually, once I
received my copy I was gobsmacked that Kari had included me! It's a gem
because it is full to the brim with terrific ideas and help for anyone
wanting to launch themselves out there and sell handmade goods.

was given two copies, one of which I'll giveaway. First comment
published gets it. Quick sticks! I'll post anywhere in the world. Make
sure your email address is with your comment.


16 thoughts on “on to booky type things…

  1. Tayla B says:

    Oh darn, I missed the giveaway! That does look like a great book though! I will have to keep an eye out for it the next time I head to the book store. 🙂


  2. Kate says:

    Nice work on your book appearances!
    Is quilting the new knitting? I have the urge to take it up, despite my lack of sewing skillz…


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