Craft geek

I went to the craft fair. It just wasn’t the same without Jenny from Amitie there. As there was slim pickings in the fabric department I geeked out on quilting supplies.

Yep what you see in the picture is my new quilt pounce and quilting gloves. The pounce is for chalking over quilting templates and the gloves are grippy on the fingertips and help you wrangle your quilt whilst quilting it. I have never used either and will let you know if the quilt and I end up covered in chalk!

Craft geek

3 thoughts on “Craft geek

  1. Ady Yong says:

    I’ve never seen the pounce before – neat idea. I bought some gloves with sticky dots on them a couple of weeks ago and they are awesome for free-motion quilting or just regular machine quilting. Makes life a lot easier when manoeuvering the quilt sandwich about.


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