teatowels received

*cough* quite a while ago…I just haven't had the time to photograph them. So yesterday afternoon I had some time, was running out to the washing line to hang them from it and photograph and then it started pissing with rain. Yep, pissing. Determined, I used the outdoor table instead. This was such a fun swap, thanks Sooz for organising it, totally loved all I received.

Sooz has generously organised another swap, the "put to good use" swap. It's a bloody ripper and I wish I could play this time, but I'm going to have to sit this one out. You have until the 30th May to sign-up, so get on over and play.

Kristen Doran – I love Kristen's work.


Sooz – LOVE this Sooz.


Clementine's Shoes – such a clever idea Di! And a gorgeous potholder.


Really Turning Japanese – So pretty Ellen


Bespoke Uprising – LOVE that farmhouse Roisin!





2 thoughts on “teatowels received

  1. Tara Miller says:

    Oh I especially love the green one. Must put on my To Do list. My mom buys antique needle point patterns and towels with the design printed on them but unfinished on eBay and gives them as presents. It is my fave.


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