Stretching the friendship

Am I stretching it by doing another post on the scrappy pincushion swap? Here's some more progress, hoping this will work out how I picture it in my head.

A little personal training update, we're still training 2 times a week plus some cardio. The weight is slow to come off but the cm's are showing progress. Most noticeably I've dropped over 15cm from my hips in just under 3 months!! Makes the sweaty grunting worth it. Our trainer still rocks, she's constantly upping the ante and is encouraging. If you're looking for a personal trainer or a different exercise experience where you are challenged go talk to Tracy at

Ok. Happy crafting!!


scrappy crochet weave scarf

Original name hey! This scarf is super simple and my current favourite to wear. I saw this idea at Calico & Ivy here in Perth and made up my own.

The details.

4 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or whatever yummy squooshy yarn you have.

5mm crochet hook or whatever size you like to achieve the tension you prefer.

Do a bucket load of chains for the length of your scarf and add some more to be safe. Yep, you're crocheting this up and down the length of the scarf.

I did a bunch of double crochet rows, swapping colours and cutting ends, the ends become part of your scarf, that's right not sewing in ends.

I then started doing some treble rows with the intent of weaving ribbon and Liberty Tana Lawn through them. One row I wove a crushed velvet ribbon, the others I used Liberty. I cut across the width of the Liberty about an inch wide and if it wasn't long enough, knotted 2 ends together as this is a scrappy kind of scarf. I did no finishing at all to the Liberty but it wears really nicely and doesn't fray excessively.

Super super simple and so squishy and soft. I have annotated one of the images below at Flickr if you're interested. It's also Ravel'd
Download Craftapalooza – Scrappy Crochet Weave Scarf if you want to print this out.



scrappy pincushion swap – sneaky peek

Ok, let's see if I can be a little more enthusiastic….What a bore I was last post. These itty bitty hexies are part of my scrappy pincushion swap creation, they have 1/2 inch edges. Not the most original idea, hexies seem to be the flavour of the month at the moment, but I'm hoping my partner will love the finished result. I'm enjoying the fussy cutting and picking out little images from fabrics to highlight. I made one of these templates to help with picking out fabrics to fussy cut. I've added some notes on flickr about some of the prints if you're interested.


Snotty mitts

I'm posting from my iPhone as I just don't seem to have the time/mojo for blogging at the moment. I'm at a bit of a crossroads with it. Anyhow. I've been night crafting. Crocheting mostly. I finished these mitts ages ago, sewed up one and one has been sitting there taunting me to finish. So this morning before heading off to the gym I did.
I used Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre which was probably not the best choice as far as stretch and give. But they're pretty (what a bloody inspiring post!).
They are toasty warm and pretty and that's enough for me! Sorry for the iPhone pictures!

scrappy pincushion swap

I'm a sucker for a pincushion, there's still time to signup for this swap if you want to play.


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