scrappy pincushion swap

I'm a sucker for a pincushion, there's still time to signup for this swap if you want to play.


1. May Giveaway Day – Pincushion, 2. s i x patchwork pincushions., 3. for.joelle, 4. i chose orange, 5. wee pincushions, 6. Pinchusions, 7. pincushion 72dpi.jpg, 8. small quilted pincushion, 9. mushrooms, 10. pincushions for donation, 11. Wagon Wheel Pin Cushions, 12. zakka inspired pin cushion (with red & blue print), 13. With Love pincushion // Close up, 14. Butterfly Rag Quilt Pincushion, 15. Pincushion Caddies from 'Seams to Me', 16. Pincushion

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