scrappy crochet weave scarf

Original name hey! This scarf is super simple and my current favourite to wear. I saw this idea at Calico & Ivy here in Perth and made up my own.

The details.

4 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or whatever yummy squooshy yarn you have.

5mm crochet hook or whatever size you like to achieve the tension you prefer.

Do a bucket load of chains for the length of your scarf and add some more to be safe. Yep, you're crocheting this up and down the length of the scarf.

I did a bunch of double crochet rows, swapping colours and cutting ends, the ends become part of your scarf, that's right not sewing in ends.

I then started doing some treble rows with the intent of weaving ribbon and Liberty Tana Lawn through them. One row I wove a crushed velvet ribbon, the others I used Liberty. I cut across the width of the Liberty about an inch wide and if it wasn't long enough, knotted 2 ends together as this is a scrappy kind of scarf. I did no finishing at all to the Liberty but it wears really nicely and doesn't fray excessively.

Super super simple and so squishy and soft. I have annotated one of the images below at Flickr if you're interested. It's also Ravel'd
Download Craftapalooza – Scrappy Crochet Weave Scarf if you want to print this out.



8 thoughts on “scrappy crochet weave scarf

  1. Tania says:

    After seeing this scarf, I have been forced to walk into the Room of Mirrors and accept I am the Imelda of the Scarf World. I WANT TO TRY THIS RIGHT NOW! IT’S DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!


  2. pulltaffy says:

    Gorgeous! This looks a lot like a scarf I saw on a TV show I was watching and I said to myself, “I wonder if I could make that?” Thanks to you, I can! Yay!


  3. Bela says:

    Nic, that’s really something! I love the colors!! It’s winter here in Brazil and, since I am a scarf addicted, I have zillions of them but not like yours…none in red too…love your blog! Kisses, Bela.


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