Stretching the friendship

Am I stretching it by doing another post on the scrappy pincushion swap? Here's some more progress, hoping this will work out how I picture it in my head.

A little personal training update, we're still training 2 times a week plus some cardio. The weight is slow to come off but the cm's are showing progress. Most noticeably I've dropped over 15cm from my hips in just under 3 months!! Makes the sweaty grunting worth it. Our trainer still rocks, she's constantly upping the ante and is encouraging. If you're looking for a personal trainer or a different exercise experience where you are challenged go talk to Tracy at

Ok. Happy crafting!!


2 thoughts on “Stretching the friendship

  1. di says:

    Great to hear/see you are making progress on all fronts- I love the scrappy pin cushion, and well done- slowly and surely- on the weight and health front.
    Sometimes it’s hard to realise how far you’ve come when the things you’re working take time, but having some measurements to go by helps to make it real. Great work!


  2. Jackson says:

    Oh that’s great. I know that it’s little frustrating to wait for the results after doing so much of hard work. But when you get the results you feel on cloud nine. Congrats for your results and never stop the workouts. You will surely love it when you look yourself in the mirror.


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