Yep, I got the flu, again. Darn it. So bloody annoyed, annoyed that I didn't go get the flu vacc after my last flu in April. Trust me, in the next couple of weeks I'm off to get the jab. Being off work for 3 days gave me time to hook. I've been obsessed with crochet potholders having seen the swaps that have happened in the past and not having had the time to participate. Check out these two flickr groups, lots of crochet potholder's to drool over.

First up, flower potholder. I used Tahki Cotton Classic and did two rounds to make it nice and dense and crochet them together when I did the scalloped edging. Ravelry link.


Next up I totally got this idea from Hello Yarn's hexagon potholder, but I did african flower centres. I couldn't get the hang of crocheting them together as I went so I sewed them together at the end. I love this one. It's about 6 inches across. Again, used the Tahki Cotton Classic and a 4mm hook. Ravelry link.


Have you also seen Kath's running a mini quilt along? Get on over to join in and have a chance to win on of six copies of Whipup Mini Quilts.

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