yum yuck?

I'm not sure about this. This is my finished Scrappy Pincushion Swap. It had a bumpy road. I was happy with the finished paper pieced fabric. See…61 half inch hexes.


The idea was I'd create a pillow to sit in this vintage Japanese wooden bowl….I had some fit issues. And it wasn't working as I'd seen…so out came the mini felt beads and I think I'm happy with it. It might have a little yum yuckness about it. The large red felt bead and grey petals are for needles so that they don't disappear into the pincushion. It's about 6inches in diameter. Hoping my partner enjoys it.


AND to finish off an average working week I received this loveliness from Georgia. Well there are more goodies but they've been absorbed into the craft room, check it all out here. LOOK at those apple pins, they are so adorable and both of the cushions are super delicious. Thank you Georgia for such an enjoyable swap.


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