Pheww! Glad that’s over

Firstly thanks so much for the blog birthday wishes and I'm apologising (again!) for being slow to post and announce winners! So randomly we have comments 2, 4, 7, 14, 19, 22  I'll drop you an email.

I really do seem to have lost my blogging/crafting mojo. Part of it, I think, has to do with changing jobs after 8 years in March this year and then spending the past 5 months being quite disappointed that I'd left a pretty secure, happy job and the new job being quite disappointing. No matter how much you say to yourself "no expectations", you have them. So. After a month of crying and feeling sorry for myself (thanks to my sweetheart Sondra for the support), I got back on the job search. Blah. Hate it. But fortunately, I've found something and I'm feeling positive about it.

The other distraction from blogging/crafting I think has been the training we've been doing with Tracy. Yes it's only 2 nights a week and cardio on a Saturday morning, but after training I'm no good to anyone, let alone a crochet hook or composing a blog post. I love the training. Yep, I said it. Love it. I have a LOOOONG way to go weight wise but I am definitely feeling the benefits to my fitness. I'm not as tired, I do have more energy and I'm finding that I spend less time thinking about how to avoid moving. For me, being fat = being tired = feeling very uncomfortable in my skin = minimising all of that by not moving so that I wasn't confronted by the fat and carrying around that weight is bloody hard work. That's just my experience, I know not all overweight people feel the same.

I do have a little craft to share but only an iPhone picture of my old lady hand with kitten scratches on showing one of my new rings that I'll have at Upmarket next weekend that I love, yep LOVE.



Well, hey there. Yep, it's been over 3 weeks since I last posted, dunno what's with that. I'm not going to stew on it too much. I even missed my blog's 6th birthday! Belated Happy 6th birthday blog. I've been crocheting a lot lately. I picked up this blanket again recently. It's a great night time project in front of the telly and heater. BTW have you seen Sarah's iCrochet project? Get on board and submit your favourite project, great to see what other's are up to. How about Victoria Mason's amazing granny square necklace or Kirsty's contortionsist crochet bracelet and how-to make your own??

I was thinking a blog birthday giveaway but not sure since I skipped it! How about this, leave a comment by this Saturday and I'll randomly select 6 of you to receive a crafty gift from me…I figure after 6 years I can give back a little.

Happy crafting!