stretching it a little

Ok, this is a pretty average picture, bad lighting at night time, at the moment it's going to have to do 🙂

Super easy. String a bunch of felt balls onto baker's twine, then start crocheting a chain, slide up a felt ball, then continue the chain. Done. Quick sweet garland.


Hi! *waves*

Well I fell off the face of the blog world! No major reason. Just too busy with newish job and gym and house and….well you get it. Life in general.

So I'm gonna try to post for the 5 days leading up to the 25th. I might not have a lotta words so pictures will have to suffice.

This is our wreath this year. I totally stole the idea from one I saw on etsy for sale. Super easy and quick. Grab yourself a styrofoam wreath and some bakers twine and get wrapping, then decorate with mushrooms (from Spotlight for my Aussies), buttons, velvet ribbon and a vintage buckle and bob's your uncle.


Also, any of you see the Japanese Tana Lawn at Spotlight?!?! $14.99 a metre.