apple pincushion pattern – pdf download

Howdy,a quick drop in. Thanks for the quilt encouragement….Not a lot of progress made…but I do have a 7 day break coming up over Easter. WOOT!

I've just made my apple pincushion pattern available as a pdf download at the shop. It's immediate delivery. You purchase and you'll receive an email straight away with the link to download.

And I'm working on a "totes" good tote bag pattern that I'll have available for download and in kit form at markets.

Happy crafting!


you’ve abandoned me, love don’t live here anymore*

Um hi! I so did not mean to disappear for two months, but seems you guys didn't miss me too much! As I was starting to get spammy comments I figured I'd better check in, I'm not ready yet to pull the plug on the blog, but it's been swimming around in my head as an option.

I have been around on twitter, pinterest and flickr, so not totally AWOL. What have I been doing? Well you know we started personal training twice a week last year and decided it wasn't enough and are now attending Crossfit classes about 4 times a week as well as personal training once a week. So that's eaten up a lot of blogging time. I haves been making stuff in between the day job, crossfit and market making but there ain't a lot of energy left for creative thinking these days. Saying that I have a million quilts in my head I'd like to make, maybe I'll start being a crazy quilt top maker?!

I had grand plans to do blockapalooza to make a quilt that's way overdue as a housewarming gift….Yep, you guessed it, I started the first block, decided that I just did not have the patience or the time for the cutting, so have abandoned it. I'll turn that block into a cushion cover I think. So then I found Kate's lovely Geometric pattern that is based on the traditional log cabin (one of my favourite blocks) and decided that's what I'll do, less cutting for this lazy lady!

So um, that's it. I'm not promising I'll be back again soon, I'll try. Happy crafting!


Blockapalooza stack


* Of course, being a child born in the 70's, I am referring to Madonna's version of this.