where am I?

Well I'm a bad blogger, missed my 7th blog birthday, not that there's been a lot of blogging here for a while. Where have I been? Well training most nights which doesn't leave a lot of energy or brain left for blogging. I do pinterest and also instagram.

I have done some random crafting, like knitting this hat. Details at Ravelry.


Which brings me back to instagram, a very cool photographic iPhone app (and android I think??).

You want to see my instagram pics but you don't have a smartphone? Try webstagram. Or want to share your pics online, try Instagrid or Inkstagram.

Then I was looking at other cool stuff you can do with instagram pics, like get your images printed onto 2×2 inch tiles at Teeny Tile! There's StickyGram to turn your pics into very cool magnets. Some of these would make awesome Christmas gifts and stocking fillers. At both Keepsy and Blurb you can print a book of your instagram pics. Or coming soon, Instatee!

Want to download and backup your instagram pics? Try Copygram. Then there's Instadrop which let's you connect to your Drop Box and everytime you upload to instagram, it copies your pics to a folder on Drop Box. Pretty darn cool.

For those of you that like stats, yep Statigram. Think that's it for now, love to hear of any other products/apps that hook into instagram.

And, Pinterest. I'm here sporadically. Totally love it. Here's me for those interested.