hoop up – inspiration

Ok, here's my inspiration mosaic for the Hoop Up swap. I finally came up with a theme. Kawaii! Love it in cross stitch, but I also found some embroidery samples. I'll send my partners both cross stitch and plain cloth and they can decide what they'd prefer.

Final use will be me framing these in embroidery hoops as a collection on the wall. I would show my piece but I haven't started, eeep better get cracking for this Friday's deadline.


Author: craftapalooza

Craftapalooza is me, Nicole Vaughan. I started crafting and making “stuff” years ago as a way to deal with stress. Looking through earlier posts you can see I was into crafty “everything”. I’d try anything. These days I’m more of a sewer and quilter, that’s a loose term I’d apply to myself. I am hoarding a mountain of sock yarn as I just can’t quite give sock knitting up yet, or the idea of it!! I have more unfinished quilt tops than finished quilts that’s for sure. I’m hoping this dive back into blogging, after a 4 plus year break, will help motivate me to finish some quilts. A little more personally, I live in the most isolated city in the world with my Mrs, Sondra and our four fur kids, yep crazy lesbians with a bunch of animals.

4 thoughts on “hoop up – inspiration”

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