say hi to daphne

Hey! Trying to drop in here more often. I'm crafting, but it seems I'm crafting for markets these days, trying to get a little balance back and craft just for the sake of it. I have some birthdays coming up so I reckon there will be some presents to make. Last night I picked up some sock knitting that I'd abandoned over 6 months ago, could be the cooler weather kicking in.

The picture my "new" secondhand Groovy Grove, Daphne. The only thing crafted by me is the squirrel, from a pattern at Puchi Collective. The dress I won from Eurotrash, she came with the boots, deer headband from SammyDoe (how awesome it is!) and the shroom from Craftsty.

Brown Owls this Saturday, owlettes RSVP at this post today, quick sticks!

AND Pip's book has been published. Get your copy here or ask your local bookstore to get it in.

Happy crafting!


I succumbed

I've been looking at Blythe dolls for a few years now, but had always talked myself out of it. Thankfully Sondra treated me this Christmas to my first doll, a Precocious Candy Mushroom. I say first as I'm sure there will be more Blythe's in my future. Those that have them will understand. They're addictive.  *Cough* I see a Gentle River Blythe in my future….

I'm researching a few customisations like face matting, eyelash replacing, new eye chips etc. I've already removed her braid and given her hair a little trim, I'm thinking of bringing her with me to my next haircut and asking my hairdresser to give her a trim. She's wearing the first dress I've sewn for her, made using this pattern and some Liberty Tana Lawn. It's an awesome print. So you'll probably be subjected to a few more Blythe posts.

These pictures aren't the best, I've just finished her dress tonight and don't have the energy to spend a lot of time setting up better lighting, but they give you an idea of what she's like.

Any of you guys got one?

PCM hi there

PCM new frock