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Thanks for your lovely comments on the last post! I've been AWOL for 2 weeks again. I can't seem to get my blogging/crafting mojo back into a regular rhythm at the moment but rather than getting frustrated by this I'm just trying to go with the flow. I did sew on the weekend, remember I mentioned some car seat covers I was sewing for a ute, well they're about 95% finished. Will show you pictures when they're done. They look pretty good!

I also did some sewing on my nine patch from Amitie, sewing the posts between blocks. Now that it's getting colder, the urge to snuggle under a quilt I have sewn is getting harder to ignore.

Don't forget the Craft and Quilt Fair is on this week, though for the first time in years, I won't be attending :(  Amitie aren't coming to this one but I hear are be coming to Stitches and Craft later in the year and I'll be having a space in the Incubator so I can hand over some dollars to Jenny at Amitie then.

It seems there's an avalanche of blogger craft books that have recently been published or will be published this year. No complaints here! Here's a few I've added to my Wishlist on Amazon. There's also Pip's new book due out in October.

I'll leave you with a link to Rashida's latest tutorial, the lady knows how to create new crafty ideas. I love the custom pocket mirror, perfect for gifts.

Happy Crafting!

on to booky type things…

Hey! Thanks for the awesome comments on the last post, so great to hear about your own experiences with fitness. It's amazing the differences I've noticed in 2 months, I have more energy and am generally feeling mentally much more positive. Tomorrow we're weighing in and retaking our measurements which will be interesting!

Let's get back on track here at craftapalooza. So. A few crafty type books have recently been published which I have been fortunate to be included.

up is Kath's book "Whip Up Mini Quilts". I'm so excited about this one.
I submitted my design back in December 2008 and have been waiting for
it to be published and here it is! Kath hosted a month of mini
quilts over at whipup and showcased the designers in the book. Go check it out. I'm really proud of Kath, she has put together a really great mix of designers from all over the globe and the finished book has something for everyone.If you want a peek at my quilt design, Fat Quarterly (you have to check out Fat Quarterly) have a picture and quick, they're giving a copy away!

Secondly, have you all seen Kari Chapin's book "The Handmade Marketplace"?
It's a gem of a book, full disclosure I was interviewed and am
mentioned. NO, it's not a gem because I am in it, actually, once I
received my copy I was gobsmacked that Kari had included me! It's a gem
because it is full to the brim with terrific ideas and help for anyone
wanting to launch themselves out there and sell handmade goods.

was given two copies, one of which I'll giveaway. First comment
published gets it. Quick sticks! I'll post anywhere in the world. Make
sure your email address is with your comment.


Progress people. Progress.

Well, painting is finished. Finito, done, final! YIP. Small dance happening in my brain. I had grand plans to unpack the crafty studio this weekend. Well, the nasty gastro got me AGAIN! Dunno what’s going on there. Jen, tried the REVOLTING rice water….no go 😦 man I wanted it to work. Back at the doc’s another jab in the bum and minimal unpacking done. My poor MIL was up for a night and had the special joy of listening to me driving the porcelain bus. She was very gracious, it was nice laying in bed listening to Son and her mum interact. They have a nice rhythm with each other.


Jen, who is blogless, but I reckon should get herself one, sent me an email this week letting me know that she purchased Amy Butler fabric from Textile Traders. I know, all you West Aussies get back on your seats. I couldn’t get to the store that she went to, we think it’s Booragoon (Jen’s a country gal and wasn’t quite sure about the absolute location), but went to the Balcatta store. No Amy, however, there was Moda and Freespirit and Michael Miller and others. Not a huge range but promising. Great prices too. AUD$9.99 to $14.99. WOOT. So get on over to your Textile Traders and let’s buy so they keep stocking. More about Jen in another post. Jen needs a post to herself.


So, here’s some more peeks at the house. It’s coming together nicely. Next up is getting some framing done and hung.

More pics over at "My Home" Flickr set with some notes.


Finished some more knits. This bib-o-love from Mason Dixon Knitting was a nice quickie, finished off with a wooden gingerbread man button. Not sure which bebe this is for yet, they’re popping up all over the place at the moment. Get on over and congratulate Di on her newest achievement! Also contrats to Felis and Jason on the birth of little Charlie.

I also knitted a London Beanie for The Son. More details soon when she’s available for a picture. Also, not to harp on but Ravelry so ROCKS. It’s friggin awesome.

cinnamon and monkeys

Yep a really original title.

Busy in the non-Craftapalooza world at the moment. In the Craftapalooza world lots of projects in my head just need to find the time to finish WIP’s and start the new brew. I’ve booked in for a class to sew a Moroccan foot stool….pics to come in the next few weeks.

On request here’s the cinnamon chicken recipe, I didn’t end up making it, but definitely will one day.

Delicious magazine, October 2006, recipe by Valli Little. If you click on the pic you’ll get the larger version for printing.


I was doing some research for a Clover tool I want and came across this free wall pocket pattern. I will be making some magazine holders for a friends toilets and might use this as a base.


I have recently been charmed by a book Sock Monkey Dreams, documenting the daily life at the red heel monkey shelter. Whilst there aren’t any patterns there is a tonne of inspiration and tips and is quite funny. Very sweet book. ISBN 0670038083.

Well, have a great weekend everyone!

Vanity Fair

Tip, if you pick a HUGE read for bookclub for Christmas/New Year (ie we have two months to read it), and you’re struggling to read it (not mentioning any names) then hire the DVD 🙂  I hired the new version with Reese Witherspoon (there are 10 versions I think!) and it was lots of fun. It inspired me enough to try and continue reading the book, so last night I did. Buggar, still no "easier". I’ll continue with it, but I get lost in who is who and doing what to whom.

Vintage finds!

Vintage_books_1 On a recent trip to visit my outlaws (actually they’re not, I just like the insinuation)in Swan View (a 40min drive from our place) we stopped in at Guildford on the way. They have a good scattering of secondhand stores. In particular there’s a book store that’s always worth a fossick.

Vintage_embroidery I had my first find for 2005. A 1972 Australian Women’s Weekly biscuit and slice cookbook. Has ALL the classics like vanilla slice, brandy snaps and meringues and macaroons galore. Classic, I tell ya. I particularly love the front cover photography, they call these biscuits Lunchbox Cookies, I wonder if it’s because they look like you spewed up your lunch? Don’t they remind you of those plastic spews you can buy. Not that I’d know anything about that 😉

I also SCORED an English craft magazine called Pins and Needles. I can’t find a year on it but it looks like it’s from the 50’s. Some fabulous emboridery patterns that were iron-on. I’m a little too scared to try ironing them, but I might give it a go. It has a few cute knitted and crochet items (as well as knitted vests and knickers for women…)


Bookclubbushoct04 At bookclub this week Rhoda was wearing a great tee. I wonder if there’s one for Howard?

Next book is written by a local boy (I say boy ’cause he was born in 1984 or something just as silly as that), called Rhubarb by Craig Slivey. Looks interesting.

So far this week’s been great. Monday knit the IV’s* met for a knit-a-long. We started a scribble months ago and it’s taking some of us ages to finish 😉 Our next knit is going to be a Christmas deco. Lots of laughs and fun.

Wednesday bookclub, again a great group of chicks hanging out. We’re not a particularly hi-brow kind of bookclub, and we usually manage 5 minutes of talking about the book. This month we managed 15mins I reckon, which is probably the longest we’ve ever talked about a book the past three years. We were reviewing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon.

AND Saturday I have knitting circle at Emma’s. Which will be fabulous. If I’m lucky and don’t nag her too much Alison might come. Please pleasesssseee 🙂

*IV’s – The Itchy Vulva’s. At our knitting retreat we were discussing what name we could be called as a knitting group. One of us has suffered for a ridiculous number of years with an IV, another one of us is a naturopath and she prescribed something for the IV. Well lo and behold it’s worked. However we’ve decided that we’re the IV’s anyhow. It has a certain ring to it.