craft room peek #1

I was going to call it my craft studio….but that sounded a little wanky! So craft room it is. I keep meaning to post some pictures when it’s tidy, but it never gets completely tidy. I’m always in there playing and messing stuff up. So this is a part peek, excuse some of the mess. There will be more posts coming, including craft storage and how I do it. If you guys have any ideas or pics regarding storage please leave a comment so we can all come and voyeur at your stuff! If you head on over to flickr, there are notations on the pictures.

Thanks for the comments so far on the 2nd Week of Nose giveaway, lots of favourite retailers listed and some *cough* that I might have used. You’ve still got time so tell your friends and spread the word, I know what you crafty types are like, keeping the details close to your chest!

I’m working on a project I can’t post about at the moment and it’s killing me!!! Can’t wait to show you guys. I can let you know I’m using some of Joelle Hoverson’s "Net of Jewels" fabric, same as the solids used in this quilt. It’s the loveliest stuff. Get some quick as they’re not reprinting.

Until next time…happy crafting!!!





quilted footrest #2

Hey ya’ll! Not much to say other than, here’s Al’s finished footrest. This time I used quite a few mid weight fabrics which changed the shape a little. Most of the fabrics are Japanese imports from Superbuzzy, Reprodepot and Leslie.


My photography assistant…

More pics over at flickr.

Oh and Fran turned 40 yesterday, Happy Belated 40 bloody birthday wishes Fran. hugs!

And, Twitter rocks, if you’re a dooce fan she updates regularly and keeps me chuckling during the day.



Slowly, slowly getting through the craft maze, cleaning out, clearing and organising. Starting to get itchy for space to sew so I’m giving away some stash.

I have 3 piles of fabric parcels to giveaway. Gone, man that was quick! No competition, first three comments gets one each. Australians only please, I’m paying the postage, you don’t need to have a blog, just comment. There’s a mix of allsorts…

Good luck!