vinyl herb?

herb garden

Planted the herb garden last week. Lavender, choc mint, rocket, sage, basil, lemongrass, italian parsley and some kitty grass. The record bowls are a little shallow, I’m hoping the herbs won’t notice. Spud liked the kitty grass and we had to take it outside to stop him, that was after he gorged and spewed twice. Lovely.

Must remember to water and not just admire the herbs.

Have a great weekend!

More cinematic pleasure

Chris and I had a film fest last week as you can see from prior posts. Topped* the week off with a preview viewing of "Garden State". Interesting soundtrack, a little overbearing. Natalie Portman is super cute and very watchable. Zach Braff (writer, director AND lead actor) was ok, but a little wooden. Overall an interesting film.

* I had a mini chick flick fest, watched "Rules of Attraction" very average crap and what is Julianne Moore thinking? And I also watched "Duplex", though I wouldn’t classify this as a chick flick, on Sunday morning (I love watching movies on Sunday mornings). Starring Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore. It had a couple of extremely funny moments (reminiscent of "The Money Pit").

Napoleon’s dynamite

Napoleon_liger Sorry. Too lazy to think of another title. Chris and I saw Napoleon Dynamite last night. A great film. A comedy that made us both laugh (and he’s much more high brow than I am) and made me slap my thigh a few times (always a good sign).

The website for the film, is great. The opening titles were the most imaginative I’ve seen for a while. If you go and see the film make sure you sit through the credits and wait for the gem at the end.

I came out of the cinema with the stupidest grin on my face. Always a good sign.

Owning pearl collateral

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. The following will explain. Friday night watched Owning Mahoney (Philip Seymour Hoffman, PSH) and Girl With a Pearl Earring, GWPE (Scarlett Johannson and Colin Firth, with very silly long hair). We had our own mega movie marathon at home.

I love PSH and he didn’t disappoint. This film could have been a lot more sensational, but it was very subtle and was pretty constant for the whole film. Minni Driver, as his girlfriend, I could take or leave.

Visually GWPE was stunning, as was Scarlett as usual. Colin was his normal self (I could take or leave him). Very well filmed, tho’ I found it hard to connect with the story and didn’t find it particularly heart breaking.

Which brings me to Collateral (Tom Cruise). FABULOUS. I’m not a huge Tom fan, but after Magnolia, he’s got a whole lot more kudos with me. Great soundtrack, gorgeous suit on Tom. Jamie Foxx was very credible. Great fight scene and Tom did a damn fine job. Worth seeing.

Tonight we’re off to see the Metallica doco. I’ve only heard good things about this so I’m looking forward to it.


I’ve been slack with my posting this week. Care of the Gusset grrls US yarn sales up by USD$450MILLION since last year.

I’m off tomorrow on a knitting retreat with Emma and some others. We’re checking in at 2pm tomorrow arvo and spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning knitting knitting knitting. Tho’ I’m going to be tackling my stitch diva colinette giotto shawl (try saying that fast!). I’m going to have to give myself a lesson in tunisian. Hopefully this will be started and finished in a weekend. I’ll post photo’s of the knitnpurl on Sunday.

Check out Loobylu’s Christmas Cards for 2004, you can join the mail list to be advised when the are ready for sale. Man o’ man. What I’d give to illustrate like that.

The “diet” (horrible word) is going fairly well, even tho’ it’s pretty restrictive. This weekend will be the real test, surrounded by wine swilling, chocolate munching knitters (at least one of us, not me, is pregnant, no wine for her).

Saw Somersault last night. Cannes awarded Aussie film. I’m torn between thinking it was original and interesting to it being quite cliched as an “arts” film. Still worth a look and great soundtrack.

Film distractions

FuzzeMan and I went to see “The Bourne Supremacy” Thursday night. It wasn’t as good as the first, but for a sequel it was definitely worth a watch. The main distraction for me, aside from Matt Damon 🙂 and the wobbly camera work in the fight scenes, was the knitwear worn by the cast! In particular Julia Stiles scarf, Matt Damon’s jumper (sweater) and Joan Allen’s cabled jumper. Gorgeous!

Another time I remember being distracted like this was during “The Hours” and Meryl Streep’s characters jewellery. Sitting in the cinema thinking “hmmmm how could I make that necklace” and what I could construct it out of.

On a completely different track. I am an avid reader of Dooce. She is amazing. I have been having doubts about why I am doing a blog, then I read her post dated 28/8/04 and am so amazed by her courage and honesty. Particularly talking about mental illness. Go Dooce and thank goodness for women like you!

Tom White

Saw new Australian film “Tom White” this evening. I’m not a Colin Friel fan, but he was very watchable. A little disjointed at times but it did have some interesting touches and didn’t have the usual Hollywood happy ending. Worth viewing.

There’s been a bit of a drought in the past month with decent films to watch. But finally there’s some interesting stuff coming up. “The Corporation” should be interesting and worth a watch, continuing the theme of corporate responsibility.

“The Life and Death of Peter Sellers” will hopefully be worth viewing, tho’ not a huge Geoffrey Rush fan.

The latest offering, “The Village”, from M Night Shyamalan will be interesting. I saw Signs with a friend, Paul. He thought it was terrible and I quite enjoyed it. Our reactions were so different it was if we’d seen two different films. Very funny.

Finally and lastly, saw the Coen Bro’s latest offering, “The Ladykillers”. So disappointing. I don’t know what has happened. Tom Hanks isn’t convincing and the usual band of quirky characters are so cliched and shallow. After watching this it’s difficult to believe it was the same film makers that created Fargo, The Hudsucker Proxy, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Barton Fink, Miller’s Crossing, Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Intolerable Cruelty was bearable, Georgy Clooney being its saving grace.

On a crafty note. Check out The Thread Studio (thanks Alison!). Some interesting fibres and threads and located in Australia (thank goodness, no international shipping charges). They stock some gorgeous silk, including silk cocoons. I have no idea what I’d do with them, but they are beautiful. AND Tibet recycled silk…..hmmmmmmm