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Warning….navel gazing post…

Hello! Seems my posting here is a bit shabby at the moment. But I’m finally at the point with the blog that I don’t mind. I used to feel the pressure (self imposed) to post frequently, to be witty, creative, original, posting regularly about my fabulously crafty life! Not that it wasn’t true, I do have a pretty great crafty life. Saying all that, now that the blog and I have been together over 2 years we’re starting to get comfortable with each other. You know that feeling with friends, that no matter what you won’t be judged, they accept you for all your quirks and you don’t have to explain yourself to them. I’m extremely fortunate in having friends (flesh friends and blog friends) like this. I don’t need to mention names you know who you are!

I’m at the point with the blog where I feel comfortable with just putting out here what I want and be damned with people’s opinion of me. It’s interesting, sort of like a peeling back layers. It’s like making friends, you meet them and there’s the honeymoon phase, then you slowly get to really know each other, you might go through some bumpy spots and then over time you can’t imagine them not being in your life. There’s no bullshit, just upfront great stuff. So that’s how the blog is for me now. I still don’t show all my warts, of course you’re going to see most of my flattering parts here 🙂 and a grrls gotta keep some secrets!

I have a bucketload of crafty projects on the go at the moment, a zillion ideas in my head. Living singularly makes my time allocation interesting. My time is spent juggling (ignoring!) housekeeping, keeping in touch with friends, crafting, blogging and dating. This is no whoa is me post. Just that I’ve noticed being single yet again that my time is more precious. I can’t rely on anyone but me to tidy, feed the cat, feed myself etc. Sometimes I wish for a partner to share stuff with and miss intimacy, but the flipside, I also enjoy being able to completely suit myself and not consider anyone else. I don’t think either situation is better or worse, both have their merits!

So sorry, no craft to show you here today. Just some shoes I bought recently. Aren’t they pretty. They go well with my tan 😉 I do have craft in progress but haven’t had the time to photograph it. The photo above was taken as I walked out of the door this morning rushing to work.

Have any of you seen Children of Men? Wowzers, knocked my socks off. Wasn’t expecting it to be so great. Thoroughly enjoyable. Kate’s more eloquent than I am and read the comments.

A new friend introduced me to a remix of Queen of Japan singing the Kiss classic "I was made for loving you"…takes on a whole other meaning and I love it!

I ♥ my new bracelet by Liana Kabel! Check out her gorgeous tape measure pins and other yummy recycled plastic goodies.


Lastly, Amy Butler responds to recent copyright questions about her designs that have popped up in blogland. Excellent response.

Hmm I think I must have been channelling the Hormonal Menstral Goddess with this post! LOL.

Well, hello there!

See little Pia Lola’s here! How sweet is she, she’s too cute, just wish I was in Syd so I could give her a squeeze and a sniff (shut up, who DOESN’T sniff baby’s heads??). Congrats to Al and the fam, keep that ice coming…

Also, I’ve turned on comment verification, I was receiving annoying spam comments. So after you’ve commented you’ll need to do the 2nd phase of filling in a code. Sorry, painful I know, but an evil necessity.


Craftywise, a little scattered this week. IV’s earlier in the week and I was gifted some gorgeous Noro Silver Thaw for my birthday. A divine yarn to knit with, love the ply, it’s really light and a joy to knit.


Have you seen Cake + Pie and Freshly Blended’s Christmas Ornament swap? I signed up, even started brewing some ideas this weekend. Since I’ve been so tardy with Moki’s swap (ok, I admit it, I’m having performance anxiety and have struggled with the technique, but I’m getting there), I’m determined that this swap will arrive on time. Sorry to the Moki swappers, it’s coming!

Socks….I’m stalled this week on the socks, the Silver Thaw distracted me and I’ve also been daydreaming all week about getting in some STR heavyweight or Sweet Georgia speed demon for a quicker sock knit. I know….cheating, but is it, something appealing about knitting on 3.25mm needles as opposed to 2mm!


Umm what else. Well, today’s Sunday, I’ve gotten up had mango and strawberries with natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of muesli, cup of tea, water, watched Gilmore Girls on DVD whilst playing with my ornament idea. I also have been working on a gift for a friend’s upcoming 40th, yes I have OLD friends 😉 So I can’t really blog it yet, but you’ll see. It’s 3pm and I’m still in my PJ’s. I’ve got a friend over for dinner, so off to the market. I’m thinking cinnamon chicken with a bean salad and I might whip up some beetroot relish. Love beetroot.

Have a great weekend, what’s left of it!

An Inconvenient Truth

If there’s only one film you see this year, please see "An Inconvenient Truth". Kelli, right up your alley. Half way through the film I was all "we’re fucked", the planet is doomed, but thank goodness Al came through with some positiveness at the end. I use both washing machine and fridge/freezer with excellent energy ratings, for you Aussies, you can do a search here for latest products and their rating. Next up I need to change over light bulbs to compact fluorescents and contact my local energy supplier to change over to green energy. Small steps… EDIT – Join the Stop Global Warming Virtual March.

Been a bit quiet around camp crafty. I got sick AGAIN, too sick to craft, can’t even knit! Saturday night sore throat and coughing. Sunday sick as a dog. Fever, sweats, hurling and coughing. Nice. I’m hoping today will be the final day and I’ve kicked it. Managed to hang up on two friends yesterday for a spew break, too much info? Aaah thought you’d be used to that by now!

Thanks too for the great comments on the bouncing right tit. Tit appears to be fine, knees and ego bruised. Glad you were amused.

Oh and you see the new knitty is out. I’m liking Cactus and I’m not usually a wrap girl but Tamarah is interesting. On the sock front, frogged the Elfine’s, need to go down to a 2mm and wasn’t happy with the toe shaping.

special quality.

Figured we can move on from the tack. Alison’s stepped up to the plate. Come on Jo, bring it! Where’s the birthing vest? or mat?


Fran and I organised a swap (Fran, SPOILER ahead, if you’d like a surprise, don’t read this post, yeah right, that’s like saying "don’t look", well I tried). I saw her button rings and jumped! Fran was an UBER swapper. She went above and beyond swapping generosity. There were several rings, a book, more buttons for me to play with AND these lovely forks. Sorry these "Special Quality" forks. You think they have magic power? I reckon they do. Gotta love that packaging, the colours, the type, classic. They remind me of prawn cocktails when I was a kid.


So what’s Fran getting? She has a Blythe or 3? I think it’s 3, Fran was being tight lipped about the number. More Blythe frock sewing was in order. Gotta get me one of these one day. I have no idea if they will fit, they are sewn from a Blythe pattern so it should be all good. Pattern from Puchimadam, click on the patterns link, under "library".


It’s sooo much fun making mini frocks. Could you imagine these human sized? That apple button would be huge! The patterns would look fabu in human size. The dresses are about 110mm high approx. Individual, larger images over at flickr.

I had a blast packaging these frocks. I used the template from Martha’s money bags, deleted the pattern supplied in the pdf and overprinted the template onto printed paper. The tops of the bags were pinking sheared and I wrapped fine silver thread around the tops and added a button to each.




Each frock was wrapped in tissue and has a coordinating sticker to seal it.


On a side note, I’ve started a flickr group for Jess Hutch fans. Join up and post your finished knits.

Song of the week. Well it’s an oldie to me, but it might be new to you guys. For you knitters, Camille’s "Ta douleur" video and via Kate a freakin’ excellent remix of the same song over at DJ Moule, click on Bootleg and download "Ta Douleur in a Field", be quick, it won’t be up for long. There’s a bunch of other cool stuff to listen to as well.

What, you’re still here! Go on, off with you!

Movies, movies, movies!

What with all this relationshipendingmovinghouseandotherlifedecision stuff that’s been happening here for the past 6-8 weeks, I feel like I’m behind in movie viewing! There’s so much great stuff out and coming up. The two weeks I have off over Christmas, hear that peeps, TWO WHOLE weeks I’ll be crafting, going to the cinema, watching DVD’s, cooking and generally decompressing.

So what’s to view? Here’s the what I’d love to see over the break and some movies coming up in 2006 that are compulsory viewing:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
King Kong
Me, You and Everyone We Know
Brokeback Mountain (not out until 26 Jan)
Walk the Line (starts Feb)
Capote (with Philip Seymour Hoffman, excellent, starts Feb)
North Country (starts feb)
Jarhead (starts Feb, directed by Sam Mendes, American Beauty)

Tonight I’m off to a preview of the new Jim Jarmush film Broken Flowers with Bill Murray and a bunch of others. I’m excited!

aaah weekends

Kicked off this weekend with a burger and movie Friday night (Cinderella Man). A tear jerker. Well, for me it was. Not just little tears, big, wet tears. Quite satisfying. I really enjoyed the film. Doughman and I had a quality evening together.

Saturday woke up late (9am), got dressed and went out for a leisurely breakfast, then on to domestic duties. Saturday afternoon I started sewing a bag. It was intended to be my new handbag, but I think it’s a little large and could do with some refining. It’s an excellent knitting/craft bag. It’s made from the woollen fabric and cotton I bought in Sydney visiting Al. I’m going to test drive it as a handbag this week. Great simple pattern from Cotton & Paint volume 21. Easy peasy. Was frantically sewing on the machine at 6.59pm as guests were knocking on the door for dinner, just as well Doughman was on the case. I finished it off this morning. I covered a couple of buttons to add to the fabulous rose button and used a couple of magnetic closures on the interior. Overall I’m happy with the bag.

woolen bag

woolen bag interior

Doughman spent quite a few hours Saturday afternoon cooking up a feast. Fresh pasta with a puttanesca sauce followed by coconut and rhubarb cake with lemon syrup and vanilla icecream. Yum.

doughman's pasta

Then today a couple of girlfriends (Alison M and Kate) and I met up with Di who’s in town. We spent the afternoon knitting and eating. It was great to see Di. We met over 5 years ago and it wasn’t until I started blogging that I met Al who mentioned Di to me and we realised we have quite a few common friends. I made some further progress on the sock. I know on Friday I made the grand statement that I would have finished one sock and be on to the second….well there’s still time tonight whilst watching, cough umm, Idol.

di and kate

circular sock progress



Recommending films is fraught with the same dangers as recommending restaurants and hairdressers. A bad experience and your opinion is MUD. Well, throwing caution to the wind…if you only see ONE film this year make it Murderball. I’m not going to ramble here giving my opinion, just go and see it. Excellent.