rag rug complete!

It's done! It's heavy and I killed my wrist and hand crocheting it but I think I sorta like it. It falls in the yum/yuck category for sure. A great stash busting project and it came together pretty quick. I ripped 1.5-2 inch strips. 12mm crochet hook. Magic loop to start. Single crochet around into previous round with a single crochet between each. Final round 2 single crochets between. That's about it. Thanks to Jodie for the inspiration, check out the flickr group for other's rugs!

Rag rug finished

aunty cookie portrait

Can we just ignore that it's been months since I've posted here? Ok.

Shannon does commissioned portraits so I figured it would be a great Christmas present to myself and Sondra. I gave her a vague brief about tail sucking kitties, a little fat dog, that the Mrs likes to dress like a 12 year old skater boy, though recently she's been dressing like a "laaaady" and it suits her. She's cute.

Anyhow, it was pretty vague and this is what she came up with. LOVE IT. Only thing I forgot to say is Sondra is shorter than me, but it doesn't matter. She hit the nail on the head. Thanks Shannon!


Sondra as a "laaady" she looks so cute. The best bit? See those peep toe shoes? She only painted the first 2 toenails, love it. She looked so pretty and it was awesome to see her feeling so good about herself, we've both been working hard at the gym!


I've been crafting. I'm back into cross stitch. Trying out waste canvas on linen and I bought a couple of Lizzie Kate patterns.

New sneaks

I got new sneaks. Love them.

New sneaks

It's finally becoming summer here in Perth and this is how Miss Piggie sleeps when it is hot. She has a fuzzy guts and the best kitty trousers.

New sneaks

I finished my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap 6, this is a bad phone picture, I have some decent pictures in my camera I'll post another time. So much fun using all the Heather Ross prints I had. I had some hesitation at first about cutting into them, but once I got over it, it was a blast. My partner loves it so mission accomplished. Free pattern from Where the Orchids Grow.
New sneaks

I inkjet onto linen for some tags for product. Pretty straight forward, had a couple of jams but managed to save it. Grab your freezer paper, trim it to the paper size you need for your printer, get your piece of linen, iron it to freezer paper, trim edges make sure there are no stray threads. And print. If you wanted it to be waterproof you could try using bubble jet set, but I wasn't fussed, I just heat set it on a hot iron, no steam. Once it was dry it was good to go.
New sneaks

Mason sewing kits

In tech news 🙂 I got an iPad for my 40th. LOVING it. And if you haven't tried Flipboard for your iPad and just recently your iPhone, do it.

Phew. Next the Son and I are planning our Christmas gift baking. I'm thinking I'm going to give salted caramels a go this year.

recently. via instagram


I've become obssessed with embroidering and cross stitch and crochet edging. Excuse the lack of ironing.


See more. I want to crochet all edges of all things.


I ripped my palm. I guess it's a crossfit rite of passage.


You can't pee in peace, this is my pee buddy.


See, cross stitch. Itty bitty apple about 12mm high. I blame Mrs McPorkchop.

kitty coasters

I know, original title. As soon as I saw Ms McPorkchops I knew I had to make these, and I did, in January this  year, just posting now. Love the unironed picture!! Super duper cute. Linen fronts and something from the stash on the backs, can't remember what it is, no selvedge info, but it's ridiculously soft and vintagey. Link to pattern.

Kitty coasters


owl mobile

Nope no witty title and no more apologies for my lack of posts, it's boring! This lovely was made using Claire's pattern. SUCH a fun crafty project, I ended up using size 6 month instead of 18 month socks, so they're itty bitty owls, but oh so cute.The mobile is a gift for the sweetest newborn made by my dearest friends. I'm a total sucker for a newborn and this one is particularly lovely and squishy.