Is your vulva itchy?

We met, we ATE, we knit, we drank killer mango daiquiri, we watched some classics and some of us had wind, some didn’t. One of us got to poop in our pants, get cuddled and cooed at all weekend. Some of us made icecream (thank you Em), cooked dinner (thanks me) and cooked breakfast TWICE, not once but TWICE (thanks Rob) for everyone. AND Em made us all the best gift bags, stuffed with lots of goodies. You can’t quite read it on her blog, but the label on the bag says "does my vulva look itchy in this".

Mango daiquiri.

IV Retreat 05 - THE daiquiri

Me, after several daiquiri, me who rarely drinks. What’s with the pouting?!

IV Retreat 05 - After a few daiquiri

Sunset view over the ocean from the apartment.

IV Retreat 05 - Sunset

But noone had an itchy vulva. Varicose veins, but no itch. But that’s a whole other story! More pics at flickr.

Go on over and visit Amanda and congratulate her on the birth of her lovely new daughter.

vinyl herb?

herb garden

Planted the herb garden last week. Lavender, choc mint, rocket, sage, basil, lemongrass, italian parsley and some kitty grass. The record bowls are a little shallow, I’m hoping the herbs won’t notice. Spud liked the kitty grass and we had to take it outside to stop him, that was after he gorged and spewed twice. Lovely.

Must remember to water and not just admire the herbs.

Have a great weekend!

Food type

Amaztype Zeitgeist - Hitchcock 2 Amaztype Zeitgeist - Hitchcock 3

Very cool concept. A typgraphic book search (using Amazon of course), showing the top 10 words over a 7 day period (covers all media, author in books, artist in music, actor in video/DVD, director in video/DVD). Once your zeitgeist is finished click on the mini images to zoom in for more detail. Gotta go see it for yourself.

Spicey kept this quiet or maybe he didn’t and I just didn’t notice. He’s one of the contributors of Digital Dish, a compilation of writing from 24 different food blogs. What a great idea! Congrats Spicey. I reckon us crafters should get off our asses and do something like this (Spicey’s offered to write, now who’s going to edit?). Published by Press for Change Publishing, be interesting to see what other books they have in the works.

Porniest book?!


Spicey’s started up a self activating meme on cookbooks…if you dare! There’s the obligatory flickr pool. Get swimmin’.

1. Rationale behind what we’re seeing? After photographing my cookbooks and looking at the images I was thinking that it doesn’t look that interesting. There’s a mixture of my books and my partners (Doughman!). Doughman’s books cover bread, eating healthy, Rosemary Stanton and Ian Palmerton (he’s converted me to Rosemary). My stuff tends to be the flashy "look at me" type of cooking 😛 (Clarification, very simple food that is tasty on its own merits without a whole lot of excessive chef effort.) Early Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay (books and magazine), Stephanie Alexander, Maggie Beer, with a few vintage baking books thrown in.

2. Most recommended? Delicious magazine. Useful technical information, well styled, array of different chefs, easily available produce.

3. Cookbook that made you what you were? Hmm. Tricky. If I’m honest and a little embarrassed to admit, late 1980’s Vogue Entertaining magazine with a little Women’s Weekly thrown in for the basics.

4. Porniest cookbook? Hmm. Lorenzo’s Antipasta, beautifully styled (gorgeous photography) and lots of simple small food that is delicious…followed second by Christine Manfield’s Paramount cookbook (a book I bought for the styling, photography and diecutting, more so than the food, I find the food over the top and too many hard-to-find ingredients).

5. Sophie’s Choice cookbook? Probably Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion (I have the first and second edition, the second edition I don’t use, the first is well loved).

6. If you were a cookbook, which cookbook would you be? Bowl Food.

7. If your cookbook we’re extrememly valuable, so valuable you might hide it with other valuables, where would that place be? Knicker draw.

Favourite Cooking Gadget Friday!

Potato ricer Potato ricer

Couldn’t help myself. Here it is "Favourite Cooking Gadget Friday". Mine is something I probably never would have bought for myself, it was a birthday present from Gillian and Paul (hi Gillian!). It’s a potato ricer. It’s like a giant garlic press. It makes the best mash. The potato gets well and truly smushed. Let me know if you have a favourite gadget.

Harey mail

Operationharemailpacking Operationharemailchoccies

Lovely Lori sent this parcel of chocolatey goodness (as part of Operation Haremail swap). She posted it on 3 April and the postman delivered it yesterday!! Lazy bastard postman took too long. But am glad it arrived and in one piece. She included a card made by her daughter, very sweet. Thanks Lori!

It’s passing…

What’s passing? The craftstipation! Thank goodness. Couple of ideas came to me in the last couple of days….details in future posts.

Doughmanpasta0405What’s been happening? Doughman made pasta on the weekend. He thought he’d take advantage of the borrowed Kitchenaid to assist in the dough making. Yes there was whopping galour! Of course Doughman owns his own pasta drying tree (and his own ceramic pie weights). He’s to be credited for this artsy "pasta tree with kitchenaid and casually placed lemons in the background" still life.