it’s on b*tches!

This is my last week at my current job, 8 years. Yep a long time. There was talk about pranks and this morning I came into a desk that looks like this… So I throw out the challenge, hit me with your ideas. I am so gonna get the girls back. I have one idea but I'm looking for something interesting! Anyone?


2009 redux

2009. What do you guys want to hear? What do I want to share? I'm no sooz, she can and does articulate her thoughts so well. AND this is a craft blog so I don't often share the usual life stuff.

With the explosion of craft/handmade markets across Australia I jumped on the wagon. 2009 was the year of the crazy market lady/ies. I started out deciding that after hearing for the millionth time "you should sell these" that I would do just that. How did it go? Well it was interesting. It started with me being so nervous at my first market, Made on the Left, that I had to go home and vomit and leave Sondra. Yep, my gut is my emotional barometer. It ended with an outdoor market that was very dusty and dirty and a 35.5C day. Madness. Again, fatty here had to go home mid market due to being overwhelmed by the heat, but I made it back. I tell you everyone needs a Sondra in their lives.

It's been a fine line of making what I really love to making what sells and sells a lot of and accepting that even though it's not to my exact taste or style someone else does love it. Then there's the "what's next" in product creation, after watching people like Sarah do it for years I have nothing but admiration for her. That's the short answer. Will I continue this year, at this point yes. As cliche as it sounds I could not have done any of it without Sondra's support and help. She's effectively kept our house running and has been an intern of sorts oh and she loves me and that's pretty darn good too. As I said, short answer.

I'm still at my day job after 8 or 9 years. Yes I know, I can't believe it either. It's been a year of accepting what I can't control, reconciling that it's ok to be in one place for so long, accepting that I get paid relatively well for the life/work balance I want, of dreaming what's next? Where to from here? Sondra and I have been discussing this on and off, everything from move to Tasmania, to studying occupational health and safety (her) and doing the mine thing, to becoming circus clowns (just checking you're still here).

There's the being overweight and gaining even more weight last year due to even more ass time making stuff. Yes there's a reason you don't see pictures of me, I'm a fatty and this past year has been probably the worst as far as that goes. I've had a weight issue since always. This year Sondra and I are going to try and change that. Short story for this one too.

Umm, what else? I launched craftapalooza online and a pattern and had some success but it's something I'm going to continue to work on and see where it goes. I've managed to get some great press from crafty/sewing mags which helps and of course there's reader and market buyer support which is awesome.

So I'm not going to say new year resolutions, I'm putting down a list of stuff I'd like to try and achieve this year.

  • Lose some weight and get fitter
  • Spend time on our garden
  • Plant a vegie patch of sorts
  • Be more social
  • Go on a holiday with my sweets

A rambling post but it's a start for the year. The picture, well, this is a craft blog and here's something crafty. This was a Christmas gift for little Emerson, a nap/play pillow, it's European pillow size so nice and big.


Happy new year and big love. x

the quilt project

Kirsty put a call out on her blog for participants in a redwork project that would end up as a quilt that would be displayed and then disassembled. The end result is amazing! An awesome collection of redwork from around the globe. She also put together a fabulous website so those of us too far to travel can get a look at it. Here's my post about my square and The Quilt Project's website, go and check it out, particularly the digital quilt which allows you to see each square and ready about the creators idea. Thanks again Kirsty.



Sondra and I went down to see her parents in Dardanup this weekend for a Mother's Day whirlwind visit. Fun, but the just over 2 hour drive home always seems longer than it actually is. I madly crochet my MIL Jill a scarf using this by Woolly Wormhead pattern as a foundation, for the 3rd row I did two trebles into the same space and 2 chains in between, sort of gave it a picot edge. I didn't take a camera so no pictures. It was pretty you'll have to trust me, crochet using Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, in Spain colourway.

I do have pictures of the quilt made over three nights a couple of weeks ago for a little friend's birthday. The front is patchworked with an appliqued skull and cross bone, he's a pirate lover, it's backed with some white zig zag chenille and tied. I bagged it, so no binding was needed. I think the recipient will get some good nap and snuggling time out of it.


Looking forward to the Craft and Quilt Fair later this week and seeing the Amitie ladies. I'll be heading down Thursday morning for a good gander. I'm also gearing up for Perth Upmarket on 7th June. We're having an offer on the day, every purchase over $30 goes into a draw to win over $65 of craftapalooza goodness. It will be drawn on the day at 3pm.

LOVING this Liberty garter over at the Purl Bee. Sondra and I are planning a committment ceremony late this year and I think this would be perfectly unconventional for me. Ok, I'm off to bed, happy crafting! x

pointy sharp teeth and needle like claws

Miss Piggie 12 weeks01

Well hi there!  So we've had more health issues here at craftapalooza since my last post. I hinted at Sondra not being well. Her condition (a very sneaky pilonidal sinus/cyst) decided to get infected very quickly over Christmas and she was in a lot of pain, and I mean a lot. After I rugby tackled her to the ground I got her to hospital. The ED doc took one look at "it" and you could see he was all like "WTF" how long have you had this?! And we're like, it came up nasty and quick dude, he was all like, here have a morphine injection. Anyhow. We were sent up to Surgery and waited around for a surgeon to check it out. He took one look at it, said it was infected, cut into the side of it to drain it and said see me in 2 weeks in my rooms, we're operating. Ouch. Saying that after he cut it (and left the cut open to leak) Sondra was feeling immediately better. So she's been home resting and doing a lot better and we go see the surgeon this Friday.

So that's sorta what dominated the holidays, oh and that my neck/arm was/is still sore but nowhere near as painful, but annoying enough to remind me that it's constantly there and hurting.

BUT. We're all good aside from the physical. So what's with the title? Well a couple of days after said cyst draining and pain etc, we had to take Ted to the vet for his annual vaccination and our vet has a kitten/cat adoption service. You know where this is heading don't you? Let's just say there was a little bottom lip wobbling, teary eyes and can I hold the kitty. I knew we were doomed as soon as said kitty was cuddled….We had been discussing a second dog, but now we have 2 cats and a dog, that's it. I will say this, kittens are a crapload easier than puppies and funnier. I love Ted to bits, but kittens, easy in comparison. No toilet training, she uses the litter tray. She is super silly and runs around the house like a nutter, tackles Spud, who is handling her very well and I think he's even enjoying her, though he hasn't told us. Ted is confused and frustrated as he's still on pen rest, the first surgery went well, but pen rest is still required. It lets Spud and Miss Piggie get to know each other without the help of a puppy, if you know what I mean. She, Miss Piggie, did deceive us though! She was all purrs and cuddles at the vet and the first day at home, but then….she turned into an ankle biting, clawing she-devil. A very cute devil though. So she is often referred to as bushpiggie, Princess Piggie, Piggie, feral cheryl (sorry to the cheryl's out there) and "ouch you little shit".

New Years? Was spent at Al and WJ's making and eating homemade pizza from their pizza oven. Lots of laughs and a nice easy evening. I admit, Sondra and I left at 12.01am. We're such nannas.

Crafting? Pfft what's that? The neck is still not allowing me to craft much and makes me tired. I did however spend quite a bit of my Christmas break sorting and folding stash. I'm thinking of cutting back my yarn stash, keeping sock yarn and some other special stuff but getting rid of a bunch of other bits.

Anyhow, if you've stayed this long, well done! Enjoy the fuzzy cute kitty pictures, the one with Spud and Piggie is for scale. She's 12 weeks old.

Happy crafting oh and I'll be sharing more links this year, that's the plan. Here's my first few, they're a little apple centric.


Apple leather keychain. Link.
She'll be apples screen print. Link.
Modern apple letterpress print. Link.

Miss Piggie and Spud01

to market to market with my buddies

Enough of the woe is me (or WHOA is me, sorry private joke on me!) I'm still in bed with a naughty neck nerve, but it's getting there slowly. EDIT: Where are my manners? Thanks for the comments and emails on the last post 🙂 made me feel mucho better.

The market last weekend was awesome. Awesome friends, Alison and JessCAR and EVERYONE that came and visited and supported thank you. Awesome customers that purchased, awesome venue and mix of vendors and just stunning weather. Oh and yeah, AWESOME Sondra. She rocked, she's put up with me being sick, distracted with the market when I'm not at my day job, cleaned house and generally just been supportive and wonderful. She rocked the day, getting food, drinks, being an awesome money collecter, packaging person and being her usual cute self.

As I was sick for the first market I didn't get to spend any time with Alison. She was rocking sales with her car bags, button bobby pins and ponytail holders going off. I was her sales pimp, much easier I find to push someone elses product than your own. And Jess, well she was Jess. Those that have met her will know what I mean. Generous, funny, helpful and of course ROCKING the photography. All the images you see here were taken by her. Thanks sweetness. She also donated her pyrex to my cause and it worked a treat. The vintage patchworked top you see on the table was a gift from her for my birthday and I LOVE it. I saw a few customers eyeing it off and I was all protective of it 🙂 And of course, thanks to super cute Scott, who has tragically shaved of his MOvember, for lending us your Mrs!

I'll leave you with these stunning pics of my stuff and stall taken by Jess. Still don't know if I'll open an online shop, maybe I'll do it sporadically? Dunno. You can see bigger and more over at Flickr.