I signed up for Sarah's gocco swap "one". One screen. Gocco supplies are becoming harder and more expensive to find. Create a piece using one screen only.This was tricky to photograph as I used a metallic ink for the outer 2 rings. Titled "Anyone for Tea". Packaged using vintage magazine strips that have also been gocco'd. Thanks again Sarah, lots of fun.

Gocco 1 card blog

Gocco 1 packaging vintage blog 

Gocco 1 packaging blog


It’s been a while since I’ve done any blog swapping for lots of reasons. When I saw that Sarah was organising a mid-winter/summer gocco swap I got excited. Any excuse to use the gocco and receiving other’s work, even better.

So, mid-summer theme….First thing that popped into my head was mosquitoes. This summer has been particularly bad for the little mongrels. I used different paper than I usually use and it’s ok, the blue ink really bled into it. The stock is quite toothy and I think that didn’t help. Must be the pigments used in the blue, the orange and the yellow held up ok.

I made a print, envelope, notebook and some tags. I was going to wrap it all with my own gocco printed linen tape….but it didn’t make the cut. Pieces of it is ok, but I’ll need to perfect my technique for another time.




More pics over at flickr and below a Moleskine I goccoed at Christmas.


and they called it gocco love…

Yep, it’s official. I have gocco fever. I bought my PG-5 a couple of months ago and have been looking for excuses to use her ever since. I’m a frustrated designer so I have to rely on my computer skills to create artwork. I could go on and on about how awesome the gocco is, but I don’t want to bore you. It is just fabulous.

For the Christmas cards and tags I used the Gutenburg library and found a hand puppet book.



Calendars I used some of Designfruit’s brushes. Awesome brushes



I also went nuts designing and creating birthday cards, the flower graphic is from this awesome Japanese book that comes with a CD that has EPS and JPG files. I recoloured the graphic and changed the pattern. I have enough of these for the next 5 years…slight exageration 🙂


All the white paper is Freelife Vellum. The black is just a test on some random cardstock I had in the stash.

More pics over at flickr.