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If you’re reading this it’s Friday (well, where I am it is!) and I’m not working today. I’m out fabric browsing I’m sending out back-tack matchups 🙂 it’ll take me a couple of hours and it’s nice to be at home in peace just sitting and doing and not being distracted (Doughman is lovely, but he often wants to chat when I’m on the computer and I can’t afford to make mistakes, trust me 😉 ), having a chai and packing for the IV’s annual retreat. We spend the weekend from Friday evening (or if you’re fortunate like Emma and I from FriDAY) until Sunday morning in an apartment overlooking the beach knitting, eating, watching films and chatting. Just hanging out and having a big old knit. These guys are hardcore. It’s wake up at 6am for some of them and start knitting! Mad I tell you. Emma’s going to crack open her new icecream maker for a chai icecream making session, I’m cooking Jamie Oliver’s fish pie, Robynne’s cookin’ up a breakfast, Madge is on snacks and Gayle’s gonna bake up something sweet. Oh and I’m on mango daiquiri duty 🙂

To keep you entertained whilst I’m gone please do check out Stuff on my Cat, EVEN if you don’t like cats, go and see, you’ll enjoy.

I finished another kitty. This one was meant for me but she’s gone and traded herself, hussy! I’ll just make another. I love this fabric, so cute. I also like the french knots for her eyes. She’s made from a wool fabric, with bone shaped wool felt accessories. Her dress is lined with silk.

doggy kitty

I’d like to also introduce our neighbour, Spooky. Spooky is the cuddly cat that Spud isn’t. I love Spud, but he’s no lap cat. Spooky’s the kind of kitty that’ll crawl into your lap and bury his head in your armpit (yes, your armpit) and start purring and eventually snoring. He’s a lovely kitty. He and Spud play paws through the back door so I thought it was time they met. Not tooo bad. No hissy or freaking out like cats can, also good considering Spooky was in Spud’s house. Hmmmm good excuse for me to get another kitty. This pic was a "stick the camera under the table with the flash on and see what happens". So I didn’t see that Spooky was about to get a face full of flash and I had no idea what Spud was up to. Very cute.

spud n spooky

Have a great weekend.

Self portrait Tuesday

self portrait Tuesday

As I mentioned in this post Doughman is Spud’s mummy. However the only time I get a cuddle or when Spud will humour me with a cuddle is when I get home from work. He usually greets me at the door with a yoga stretch. You know the one, two front paws stretched out straight in front of him and back arched. He then flops onto his side and waits for me to pick him up.

The ritual is I pick him up and walk around with him for about 5 minutes on my shoulder, he has to be on my shoulder, whilst he rubs the back of his head against mine. His two front paws are stretched out over my shoulder. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture like this and convince the cat that nothing unusual is happening whilst you’re walking around the house?!


Kathreen tagged me weeks ago and I’m just getting to it now. This has done the rounds, so I’m not going to do my idiosyncracies, I’m going to do my cat’s. Ok, if you’re now groaning at the monitor grab your mouse and move on to the next blog in your blogroll 🙂

  1. Spud came to us when he was 6 weeks old. We decided he was going to be an indoor cat and we were fortunate that Doughman was working at home so he could be around for him. As a consequence Doughman is the mummy. Spud will only sit on Doughman’s lap and only if Doughman has his left arm on his lap so Spud can suck his tail. Spud sniffs the arm to check it’s the right one, gives it a little lick and snuggles in. Gross, yes. Weird, yes.
  2. Spud will sit next to me on my side of the bed and suck his tail whilst in a sitting position but bent over. Go figure.
  3. He sleeps in the evenings when we get home from work and just as we’re thinking of going to bed, he wakes up and starts running around the house like a nutter.
  4. I think because he’s been an indoor cat his whole life he doesn’t know what other animals smell like. I can come home covered in someone’s dog or cat and he’s oblivious.
  5. Finally, he doesn’t like to stand in the litter tray when he goes to the toilet. He perches on the corner of the tray and does his business. If it’s number 2’s he will then spend at least 2-3 minutes piling the litter into one spot to make sure it’s COMPLETELY cover.

I’m not taggin’ no-one and I think you’re all tagged!


Icky0405This is what I came home to yesterday evening. GROSSSSS. Spud obviously found a friend during the day and tormented it until he’d had enough and decided that he’d leave a bunch of legs and wings for the resident freakin’ ant farm we live on. Eeeoowwww. Unfortunately for me Chris wasn’t home until much later and I couldn’t pretend I hadn’t seen it. Unlike the time Spud had flicked a piece of pooh out of his litter tray…

Ham’n it up

BeforeglazeAfterglazeGlazed the ham. Bloody tasty ham. Not too salty and the glaze worked a treat (thanks to M’s mums recipe). Would definitely buy ham from this butcher again.

Christmas Eve with my family. Chris made mayo again which we had with prawn crostini. Then cold ham and potato salad (dill and mayo), with a green salad. Finished off with Dad’s pavlova. He makes a mean pav, topped with whipped cream and strawberries.

Christmas day morning at M’s. Chris and I cooked brekkie. Pan fried the ham (delicious), scrambled eggs, toast, mango and cherries with pancakes and maple syrup. Hmmmmmm! Joe created a new drink called Scrambled Apple Juice, though he was reluctant to drink it.

Cheekyjoe2 Em_n_ross Lumpyluka

Hotspud1 Cold pizza for lunch then on to Chris’ family for dinner. It was a scorcher yesterday, 37C. Spud wasn’t coping.

At Chris’ sisters a mixture of cold ham, turkey and roast lamb (divine, marinated for three days!!). The best way to eat lamb is cold. Crayfish salad, green salad, potato and egg salad. Chris’ sister made sushi, tasty. Topped off with ice cream, pudding and/or mango sorbet. Stuffed to the gills.

Chris and I made his nieces dolls for Christmas (finished at 4pm Christmas day!). They appeared to like them and we managed to get a shot of Sophie holding her dolly. They’re perfect small person size and can be held in one hand (very important when you’re being chased by Uncle Chris). Previously Chris had taught his nieces the dead blowie (or dead blow fly). You lay on your back and shake your hands and legs in the hair whilst making a buzzing noise. As you can see from the pics they were quite keen last night to give it another go. Hilarious! More doll pictures here.

Sophie_n_doll Dead_blowie_2 Dead_blowie_1_1

Gratuitous Pussy

Friday_spud_5nov04_1 Pathetic I know. Gotta love a titillating post title. Via, Anthony and Francis, it’s Friday Cat Pictures Blog….anyone who spends anytime here can see that I have a whole photo album for my pussy. This week I’m not organised so I’m pinching a pick from the album. I’ll see if I can do any better next week. His name is Spud and this is a pic of him at 6 weeks old (he’s now 2 and a bit). He’s a brat, but we love him (except when he’s being nocturnal at 3am and running rings around our bedroom). He has a very peculiar habit of sucking his tail, but only when he’s sitting on Chris’ lap. Go figure. One day I’ll post pics.