you’ve abandoned me, love don’t live here anymore*

Um hi! I so did not mean to disappear for two months, but seems you guys didn't miss me too much! As I was starting to get spammy comments I figured I'd better check in, I'm not ready yet to pull the plug on the blog, but it's been swimming around in my head as an option.

I have been around on twitter, pinterest and flickr, so not totally AWOL. What have I been doing? Well you know we started personal training twice a week last year and decided it wasn't enough and are now attending Crossfit classes about 4 times a week as well as personal training once a week. So that's eaten up a lot of blogging time. I haves been making stuff in between the day job, crossfit and market making but there ain't a lot of energy left for creative thinking these days. Saying that I have a million quilts in my head I'd like to make, maybe I'll start being a crazy quilt top maker?!

I had grand plans to do blockapalooza to make a quilt that's way overdue as a housewarming gift….Yep, you guessed it, I started the first block, decided that I just did not have the patience or the time for the cutting, so have abandoned it. I'll turn that block into a cushion cover I think. So then I found Kate's lovely Geometric pattern that is based on the traditional log cabin (one of my favourite blocks) and decided that's what I'll do, less cutting for this lazy lady!

So um, that's it. I'm not promising I'll be back again soon, I'll try. Happy crafting!


Blockapalooza stack


* Of course, being a child born in the 70's, I am referring to Madonna's version of this.

you like?

It's been a while since I've done a post that includes an actual picture of me. Here you go, crazy eye and all. Well it's a sliver. I wanted to show you my newish scarf that I got from Zakka Box here in Perth. I know. A real live store with Zakka goodness. It's a lovely store and the owner was really sweet, encouraging us to bring our fatty boy, Teddy, in so he could try on some of the pooch clothing she has. I've added Zakka Box to my interesting retailers in Perth google map. I've also changed the settings on this map so others can edit and add. I LOVE this scarf. It's soft and squishy and the polka dots make me smile, go figure. I'm in danger of overexposing it as I can't stop wearing it and have even considered going back for a second one in a different colourway, I know, sickness.

Check out this nifty scarf wearing technique over at Raglan Guild, via Tania, also check out the scarf Tania made using my scrappy crochet scarf pattern, super lovely.


a little bit of a navel gaze

Well hi there! I see Ted's been keeping you occupied since I fell off the face of the earth. I'm sorta back. A combination of changing jobs after 8 years and starting with a personal trainer twice a week has frazzled my brain a little and blogging just fell to the bottom of the list. Don't think I haven't been thinking about the blog and any of you out there I haven't had much worth sharing on the crafty front. I've been doing a little crochet and a little paper piecing and not much else.

As mentioned above Sondra and I have started with a personal trainer. HOLY PAIN IN MY MUSCLES and anywhere else that decides to hurt. I've gone from sedentary worker/crafter to hustle my ass for two 1 hour sessions a week. The pain. I don't talk about it much here but I'm a hefty lady and found myself at my heaviest, tired and grumpy. I'm not a happy fat lady at all. Always had tits n ass but now I have tits, ass, gut and more and it's got to go. Son and I had tried everything, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Lite n Easy and it wasn't working. I was getting so desperate that I had started considering lap band surgery. Yep, drastic measures. Considering that I'm of moderate intelligence you would have thought that I would twig that exercise is probably a good idea…Well yes, in a rational brain that's not freaking about being seen exercising in public, is self conscious about being large and generally trying not to bring attention to the fatness, yes they would have twigged a while ago. So. I did, eventually and bit the bullet.

A couple of friends, Kate and Jon, are super fit, healthy people and I chatted to Kate about the weight (it's like the pink friggin' elephant in the corner) and she mentioned the gym where she goes and that the head trainer, Tracy Cooper at SF Gym* had helped others with fitness and weightloss. Speaking for myself, deciding to sign up with a trainer was almost as hard as going to my first ever therapy session years ago. I was shit scared. I didn't want to be publicly humiliated, I have never felt physically comfortable when it comes to exercise. Tracy is awesome. She is patient and firm and pushes me beyond my limited capacity. She doesn't treat me like I'm not able, which is how I feel most of the time in training. As with a therapist the fit isn't always right, I believe the same could be said about hiring a personal trainer, if you don't click it's not going to work.

For those of you rolling your eyes about now and are asking "why is writing about this"? Well if anyone else is out there trying to get fitter, lose weight and feel better about themselves then I want my positive experience to be out there. Don't get me wrong. It's bloody hard work. I have butterflies in my tummy before every session and I grunt, groan, swear and sweat through every session. Food? Well yes that also comes into it and we're keeping a food diary and making better choices everyday. We've had 7 sessions so far and surprisingly I have noticed some differences. I'm not as tired, I'm more willing to get off my ass and be more active and mentally I think it has definitely helped my brain space be more positive. More importantly I'm looking after my health and my future, I have to be a here a long time so I can continue to annoy the crap out of Sondra! My advice, based purely on my experience, exercise, get moving, don't leave it until you have a crap load of weight to lose, it's bloody hard work to shift it!

* We're not doing crossfit! At the moment we aren't fit enough but hope to get fit enough in the future to start doing crossfit classes.

friday flickr favourites

Hey! *waves* Hooray for bloody Friday, hey! I'd like to show you some crafting but this week I've been a little distracted by preparation for Unwrapped tomorrow, come on by and say hi!

Those car seat covers I mentioned are coming along….slowly 🙂 we did a first fitting and it fit! Which totally made me happy and very relieved. I'll get some pictures when I have more to show you.

Can I distract you with some of my flickr favourites? Too bad, here, enjoy and have a fabulous weekend.

Want to see it bigger? Head over to flickr.


1. New quilting pattern, 2. close up of flowers, 3. Zakka Pillow 2, 4. { scrap explosion ii }, 5. pouf, 6. paper logcabin, 7. You seem to have something on your face, dude., 8. lifesavers by Cosmo Cricket, 9. don't let the mukmuk out of the bag, 10. ruffles, 11. Penguins, 12. 60s Gingerbread house, 13. selvage quilt on chair, 14. Double-Thick Hexagon Potholder Back, 15. olives quilt, 16. Pillow Talk Round 2, 17. Cupcakes!, 18. an anna maria horner string quilt, in voile, 19. Little House, 20. "Hexagon" Japanese Craft Book, 21. one quilt for Nanette, 22. one quilt – Sarah, 23. Color Your Cloth mini quilt, 24. crochet pillows and quilted blanket…, 25. hearts, 26. one quilt top, 27. My Kokeshi-Inspired doll, 28. Untitled, 29. watchoo doen?, 30. pinning for hand quilting, 31. some new Radetskys!, 32. wall in livingroom, 33. quilt in progress, 34. Positivity Project ~ 04, 35. Turquoise Circles Quilt Front by Peppermint Pinwheels, 36. Work Quilt #2

local shop resources

I'm always on the lookout for interesting retailers here in Perth. I'm not a fan of large shopping malls that sell generic stuff. I'll list my favourite go-to's for local gift buying, for myself and others, I'm sure there are more, if you have any please do list them in the comments I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting.

Aspects of Kings Park – for all things Western Australian/Australian, but no block of wood clocks here, or thongs in the shape of Australia, thank goodness!

Black Plastic – all sorts of kitschy goodness and lots of great stocking stuffers this time of year.

The Butcher Shop – I haven't been here, but online they're looking like my sort of thing.

Distracted – even if you go just to visit, Natalie keeps a lovely shop and has wonderful window displays.

EDITED: Little Design Horse – I don't know how I could have forgotten these guys. They ROCK.

Lotus – there's the gift and home shop and the next block up, the accessories shop.

Mr Sparrow – this is probably my current favourite, it's small but full of indie and designer yummy.

Remedy – This is another current favourite.

Ruck Rover General Store – yummy indie goodness.

Ware – no website, but a ripper shop.

I've created a google map, feel free to add any indie/designer retailers in Perth, Western Australia. Can be in the country, doesn't have to be metro only.

Blog Action Day – Reduce your emissions at home

I'm no crusader for climate change it sort of scares the crap out of me, especially when I start reading this article about the top 100 effects of Global Warming.

There is a bucket load of things you can do around your home, all with varying degrees of cost and effort. Some are simple, like checking with your power supplier to see if they have a green emissions scheme, changing your shower head (this one we need to do) and one we're all forced to do now is use energy-efficient light globes. Others are more involved like installing solar panels. Further things you can do are listed at the World Wildlife Foundation.

The Australian Government also offers some incentives for installing solar hot water systems and roof insulation. So get crackin'!