Wonder if Bush is back from his holiday’s? Think he managed to stop at New Orleans for a photo-op or two. Cynical?  You bet. He just keeps on giving Michael Moore more fodder.

Go Fug Yourself has done a great round up of links for donations and help.

Us crafters go into super crafty mode when disaster strikes, we’re quilting and donating up a storm.

I will admit that distance does make it difficult to completely comprehend what has happened in New Orleans. It wasn’t until I watched a report on Business Sunday yesterday morning that I realised just how horrific Katrina was and also just how useless authorities have been in responding to the people left behind. The US government and the New Orleans authorities should be ashamed.

Perth blog awards

Last night was the (first) Perth Blog Awards. Quite a bit of tongue in cheek and only a smallish group. But still people came! It was a lot of fun. I didn’t take pics but I’m hoping Mr Spicey is going to publish some of the gems he took. I didn’t realise until the awards were read out that we had blog celebrity there. I had a picture taken with Karen but got all shy about introducing myself, how silly. I was having a moment of "oh crap, gotta smile for the camera", you know how I feel about that!

I made a new friend who’s just as obsessed with her pet as I am.

Bret did a grand job of MC’ing and had a great array of kitsch trophies (trophies that have lived another life). See Spicey’s RODD.

A list of "Good Blogs" and the winners.

Self portrait Tuesday

Firstly. WOW and thanks for all your great emails and posts regarding the bag choice. It’s still not decided, a few spanners thrown in (which is expected) and some unusual indecision on my behalf. I’ll let you know what I end up deciding. On to regular programming….

Self portrait Tuesday

Self portrait Tuesday. This week is my fridge surface. I lived with a very anally retentive man for years (a man who decided what colour, and I mean COLOUR, linens we slept in and who once threw out tea towels I bought because they were striped, but that’s another story) who wouldn’t allow anything on the fridge. Thank goodness I live with a man who tolerates and even participates in the graffiti on the fridge! There’s Kath magnets from Doughman, a postcard from Al M, a foot notepad from Em, various fridge magnets that I have made or received as gifts, a scratch and sniff cookie magnet from Jena and others.

Flickr pool and links to other self portraits.

Self portrait Tuesday

ageing hand

I turn 34 in about 6 weeks and have noticed that once you’re over the 30 hump your skin starts to look older. I’ve noticed in particular the back of my hands are looking older, I don’t have young hands anymore. One thing I am pleased about are my fingernails (yes this is a truly deep and meaningful self portrait Tuesday post!). For years I used to bite them until they bled. Gross! It’s quite unusual to see my nails naked.

I finally stopped biting them a few years ago and have been fortunate that they survived the years of me munching them. One of the rituals I started once I had nails was a weekly self manicure including painting my nails once a week. I’ve done it for over 5 years now, however these past 3-4 months I’ve stopped painting them. I think partly because I’ve been too busy but also because I’ve been fed up and stressed at work. I’ve managed to not bite my nails but now I’ve moved on to attacking my cuticles. Just as gross. There may be a change on the horizon soon for work and hopefully I’ll start leaving my cuticles alone.

Self portrait Tuesday

self portrait Tuesday

As I mentioned in this post Doughman is Spud’s mummy. However the only time I get a cuddle or when Spud will humour me with a cuddle is when I get home from work. He usually greets me at the door with a yoga stretch. You know the one, two front paws stretched out straight in front of him and back arched. He then flops onto his side and waits for me to pick him up.

The ritual is I pick him up and walk around with him for about 5 minutes on my shoulder, he has to be on my shoulder, whilst he rubs the back of his head against mine. His two front paws are stretched out over my shoulder. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture like this and convince the cat that nothing unusual is happening whilst you’re walking around the house?!

Self portrait Tuesday

Self-portrait Tuesday

Still keepin’ it real, but no harsh images of my mug today. I took this picture last Saturday. I was having a moment. It was about 7.30am and I’d woken early (sorry to all those out there with small people and 7.30am being a sleep-in), Doughman needed a sleep-in so I sneaked out of bed, pinched his robe and slipped on my recently purchased ugg boots (I’m a new convert to these).

As I’ve previously mentioned the back of our new apartment faces north. In the morning’s it is lovely to sit out the back with the blinds open and the sun streaming in (mid-winter here). So I jumped on the net with a cuppa, my ipod plugged in and surfed and blogged for about an hour. Bliss, pure bliss. I woke Doughman up at about 9am with pseudo french toast and tea out on the DECK (I warned there’d be lots of talk of the deck). We ate breakfast with the sun on our backs and the parrots in the palm tree rabbiting away.

Where was I? Oh yeah, rather than try and snap a picture of myself in a mirror I went for the just as unflattering hold the camera above your head and hope for the best shot.

Other self portrait participants here and flickr group here.