aunty cookie portrait

Can we just ignore that it's been months since I've posted here? Ok.

Shannon does commissioned portraits so I figured it would be a great Christmas present to myself and Sondra. I gave her a vague brief about tail sucking kitties, a little fat dog, that the Mrs likes to dress like a 12 year old skater boy, though recently she's been dressing like a "laaaady" and it suits her. She's cute.

Anyhow, it was pretty vague and this is what she came up with. LOVE IT. Only thing I forgot to say is Sondra is shorter than me, but it doesn't matter. She hit the nail on the head. Thanks Shannon!


Sondra as a "laaady" she looks so cute. The best bit? See those peep toe shoes? She only painted the first 2 toenails, love it. She looked so pretty and it was awesome to see her feeling so good about herself, we've both been working hard at the gym!


I've been crafting. I'm back into cross stitch. Trying out waste canvas on linen and I bought a couple of Lizzie Kate patterns.

New sneaks

I got new sneaks. Love them.

New sneaks

It's finally becoming summer here in Perth and this is how Miss Piggie sleeps when it is hot. She has a fuzzy guts and the best kitty trousers.

New sneaks

I finished my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap 6, this is a bad phone picture, I have some decent pictures in my camera I'll post another time. So much fun using all the Heather Ross prints I had. I had some hesitation at first about cutting into them, but once I got over it, it was a blast. My partner loves it so mission accomplished. Free pattern from Where the Orchids Grow.
New sneaks

I inkjet onto linen for some tags for product. Pretty straight forward, had a couple of jams but managed to save it. Grab your freezer paper, trim it to the paper size you need for your printer, get your piece of linen, iron it to freezer paper, trim edges make sure there are no stray threads. And print. If you wanted it to be waterproof you could try using bubble jet set, but I wasn't fussed, I just heat set it on a hot iron, no steam. Once it was dry it was good to go.
New sneaks

Mason sewing kits

In tech news 🙂 I got an iPad for my 40th. LOVING it. And if you haven't tried Flipboard for your iPad and just recently your iPhone, do it.

Phew. Next the Son and I are planning our Christmas gift baking. I'm thinking I'm going to give salted caramels a go this year.

craft room peek #1

I was going to call it my craft studio….but that sounded a little wanky! So craft room it is. I keep meaning to post some pictures when it’s tidy, but it never gets completely tidy. I’m always in there playing and messing stuff up. So this is a part peek, excuse some of the mess. There will be more posts coming, including craft storage and how I do it. If you guys have any ideas or pics regarding storage please leave a comment so we can all come and voyeur at your stuff! If you head on over to flickr, there are notations on the pictures.

Thanks for the comments so far on the 2nd Week of Nose giveaway, lots of favourite retailers listed and some *cough* that I might have used. You’ve still got time so tell your friends and spread the word, I know what you crafty types are like, keeping the details close to your chest!

I’m working on a project I can’t post about at the moment and it’s killing me!!! Can’t wait to show you guys. I can let you know I’m using some of Joelle Hoverson’s "Net of Jewels" fabric, same as the solids used in this quilt. It’s the loveliest stuff. Get some quick as they’re not reprinting.

Until next time…happy crafting!!!





kitchen renovation

A few of you have asked for some pics of the finished kitchen. There’s still a little tweaking to do, but here’s where we are at. I did have trouble photographing this, think it was a combination of my limited photography skills, the black and white contrast, lighting and I didn’t have time to move furniture out of the way. I might get around to taking better shots in the future, but for now these will have to do! 🙂

First up though for contrast, the old kitchen. We had 2 walls removed and several structural beams inserted into the roof. These guys rocked, totally professional and I would recommend them to anyone. I can’t remember his business name, but any locals that are interested in a wall removal dude just drop me an email. He finished in 2-3 days, then 2 days kitchen installed, by these guys. I don’t know if I’d recommend them. Whilst I’m overall happy with the job there’s some details and service I’m not happy with. Their project management of the job, or lack, is probably one of the major issues and the fact that we spent quite a considerable amount of money with them (well for us it was) and there was no follow up at all after installation. Nothing. Pretty slack. Still, she’s a solid kitchen and a joy to use, the appliances obviously pay a big part in that joy! Look at that oven, it’s a monster and I love her.




The pictures below are also over at flickr if you want to read some notes and further detail.




The wall below is opposite the kitchen and the dining room is between this wall and the kitchen.


So that’s pretty much it! I will post another time about my apple fetish and get some decent pics to share!

sh*t on the liver

Or pillow crease face. This is how I woke up this morning, feeling cranky and frowny. So, this post, not a lot of words just pictures. Everything’s great, my life is awesome, but I still wake up sometimes with sh*t on the liver. *Sigh*. Saying that The Son did have me crying tears of laughter on the freeway this morning.

WIP – Valentine Sequin Scarf. Love the yarn.


FO’s. T-Bot using one of Hilary’s awesome patterns for a friends little fella.

Felty goodness. After seeing Sarah’s awesome garland it reminded me that I had this book, thanks Miss Kate, and that I should have a play.


and this one too big to be a brooch I think but a patch on a denim jacket? Or handbag?

and a birdie bookmark

More house? Ok. Here’s parts of our bedroom. These lanters are in my corner of the bedroom. I love love love them.


The wall at the end of the bed, no the whole room is not this colour, just one wall. Ironically the colour is called Lickedy Lick. Not quite colour accurate here, it’s more pink than red.

Ok, I think looking at this little monkey could help cure anyone’s sh*t on the liver. Well that’s if he’s not peeing somewhere you’d prefer he didn’t, or chasing the cat, or running off with the knickers you’ve just taken off at the end of the day, or digging a hole to China in the backyard….you get the idea.

Happy crafting peeps.

body washer monster?

EDIT: Thanks for the Egbert love in the last post. I’ll pull finger and get writing up a pattern.

Well howdy ya’ll! How are you? Me, just dandy! Though wishing this feral summer heat would let up a little. What else? Thinking about Easter crafting and the week I’ll have off, the sewing I’d like to do and movies I’d like to watch. Hopefully The Son will be on leave with me and we can hang out together.

The Ted and Spud are doing well. Spud secretly loves Ted, but as Mummy Son says he just has trouble expressing his emotions sometimes. Translation, he bites and attacks and stirs. Though having lived with this cat for over 6 years I can see he enjoys Ted. Enjoys tearing around the house and egging the pup on, enjoys the play and mostly enjoys the wrestle. Maybe not so much the saliva, sharp teeth and claws sometimes, but generally enjoys.


For those puppy lovers here’s Turdalot at about 17 weeks. Man they grow up quick! I know, cliched, but they do! He’s very sweet, if a little naughty. What you see here is morning time whilst we’re getting ready for work. Teddy Rooster (Mummy Son’s name for him) tethered to the dining room table with a treat or two and a little puppy matt, sewn very quickly and roughly by me, fabric choice, The Son.

I’ve been spending a little of time over at Ravelry. Man it ROCKS. Anyhow, I found this awesome wash cloth pattern for a lion….Not having yellow/orange cotton I decided to use what was in the stash and have ended up with a wash cloth monster. Still fun. Of course it’s for us to use, never too old for a monster wash cloth.


For those of you with access to Ravelry, here’s the link to the lion pattern and my initial inspiration. I knitted the 2 strand version.

Whilst I was in the bathroom thought I’d show you guys some of the fun stuff.

Decals on the mirror, purchased from Vinyl Wall Art. As you can see I need a remote for the camera.




Some framed prints, two from Zakkaya in Melbourne. Purchased when shopping with Al and Di a few years ago. The other from a Japanese spostcard book. Very cheap frames from Ikea. Quick, simple and fun.

Oh and last Saturday night we went and saw Rufus Wainwright who was awesome. Just gorgeous, entertaining and a stunning voice.

Until next time, happy crafting!

cookin’, wipin’, nappin’

Hey ya’ll! Cruising along here at Craftapalooza. First week back at work from Christmas holidays. Thinking about crafting, a few little wip’s on the go. One pictured here, my interpretation of a magazine bowl, it could turn into a pile of pooh, we’ll see. I’m using a 1950’s vintage magazine that’s slightly water damaged.


The table setting you see below is from a dinner party last weekend. Sorry, no food pics. I slow cooked a shoulder of lamb in the barbeque for 4 hours after watching Jamie do it. Loving his new series, be nice to have the time to manage a vegie garden like his. We also had roasted potatoes, pumpkin and peas. YUM. Finished off with lemon friands and lemon curd, with cream. Double yum yum!


What else? General home stuff. Hanging pictures, attempting to hang blinds. What was that? Cleaned and tidied the craft room? Ummm not quite, started today, will try and finish this week. We’ve started taking Teddy Turdalot aka Teddy 2 Turds aka Teddy Rooster aka Teddy Turdmuncher* for walks now that he’s had his 12 week injections. He’s perfecting the art of sofa napping as you can see.


* Eeeeeew. We now have to find a spot high up for Spud’s litter. Ted’s discovered the delights of kitty turds. GROSS. I’ve already had to wash one poop mustache off his face. DOUBLE TRIPLE GROSS. The joys of dog ownership.

more underbelly

I’m showing and shaming publicly to get my a-into-gear to FINALLY sort and organise the crafty space so I can actually craft without wrestling.

This is currently what my desk looks like, well part of my desk and about a quarter of the room. The other 3/4’s of the room is messy like this. Eek.


I’ve started to organise. I’ve used the Ikea Asker system and a magnetic board to the right. Above the Asker will go a shelf. That’s a start. I don’t know if you could call this an Ikea hack. I’ve converted the paper towel holder to a ribbon holder. Overall I’m liking this. So hopefully, this weekend I’ll get the rest of the room sorted and can share the space with you.