apple pincushion pattern – pdf download

Howdy,a quick drop in. Thanks for the quilt encouragement….Not a lot of progress made…but I do have a 7 day break coming up over Easter. WOOT!

I've just made my apple pincushion pattern available as a pdf download at the shop. It's immediate delivery. You purchase and you'll receive an email straight away with the link to download.

And I'm working on a "totes" good tote bag pattern that I'll have available for download and in kit form at markets.

Happy crafting!


new products at perth upmarket

Perth Upmarket is this Sunday 12th and we'll be launching two new products, a new scrabble tile pendant range made using Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics and new button rings. I'm loving the rings, the base is a large wooden button with a fabric button on the top. I've used a mixture of new and vintage fabrics on these including Liberty prints. If you're a reader and come on down on the day, say hi and we'll give you a little giftie, no purchase necessary.

Craftapalooza button rings-blog

Craftapalooza button rings-blog

Craftapalooza button rings-blog

little market day

Distracted Little Market Day went down a treat. BUT. There is a but. All of a sudden Perth decided it was summer and bought a 32C day with little wind. BLOODY hot when you're sitting under a tent! Aside from that AND the road closures people came and shopped and Jessica was awesome AND Natalie organised a wonderful day.

Poor Sondra didn't have as good a day, she had one of those sitting in the sun and not selling a whole bunch kinda market days. Makes it hard. But live and learn, we just won't be doing Subiaco next year.

Pictures? I cheekily handed J-CARR the camera and asked if she'd take photos of the stall and she did. Lovely as usual. Ta again J. I hope to also get some finished apples into the online shop this week.

silent community

Ok, we can officially say I'm sucking at Blogtoberfest! Onwards and upwards…

These guys? What do you think they're thinking? I reckon they're all murmuring to each other, they know they're going to be stuffed into a suitcase, getting handled all day and hopefully going off to homes today. Any left I'll stick in the online shop.



This could be complete madness, well if you ask my lovely Sondra she'll say it is (hi honey!). I've signed up for Tinniegirl's "Blogtoberfest 2009". Blogging once a day for the month of October. Yep, madness.

I'm not really much of a joiner, well in some ways I'm not. I'm pretty independent and don't really feel the need to be part of a group. So as far as blogging goes I'm not that great at being super friendly and inviting people in. I don't think I invite conversation here. I'm sort of a here it is take it or leave it kinda lady for lots of reasons. That's what's so hilarious about blogging, well for me. Sondra says "you just do it to get feedback and people to tell you you're good" and I'm like "no I don't, it's so I can share my crafty with like minded crafty". But she does have a point, I do get a kick out of comments, out of feedback on something I've made. I'm a fringe dweller for sure, much happier to sit on the sidelines. I also don't share a lot of personal feely type stuff here. It is a craft blog after all and I figure it's my happy place to share the happy! You don't want to see my skeletons for sure, they're reserved for my shrink and Sondra!

You know what else, since I'm on a soapbox of sorts. What I've also noticed lately is all of the Aussie craft bloggers! I think I must have been under a rock these past 3 or so years and missed the explosion. All of a sudden I've come up for air and WHAM there you all are! It's fabulous. When I started blogging there were literally only a handful of Aussie craft bloggers. Now, there's oodles of us and it's pretty darn cool. I've recently been doing some house cleaning here and have changed my sidebar links, come out of your RSS readers and check out my list of Aussie craft bloggers.

I've also decided that we'll do a little giveaway as part of Blogtoberfest, since that also brings you guys out of the woodwork, everyone loves freebies! But you gotta be quick. Next Tuesday, 6 October, is my birthday. Drop in, leave a comment between now and then, tell me something, leave me a link to something you want to share, could be a tutorial or a crafty picture or crafty supplies, or just drop in and say hi or tell a joke, make sure you include your email address. We'll draw it on Wednesday 7th October. What can you win? Well a couple of you can take your pick from the store, one item. It could be a pendant, or you might want the apple pincushion pattern (and of course I'll throw in a kit) or even a finished apple. We can work it out later.

Ok, well that's enough talking. See you tomorrow! EEEEP.

P.S. Belated birthday boobie hugs WezzieJ.