Hi! *waves*

Well I fell off the face of the blog world! No major reason. Just too busy with newish job and gym and house and….well you get it. Life in general.

So I'm gonna try to post for the 5 days leading up to the 25th. I might not have a lotta words so pictures will have to suffice.

This is our wreath this year. I totally stole the idea from one I saw on etsy for sale. Super easy and quick. Grab yourself a styrofoam wreath and some bakers twine and get wrapping, then decorate with mushrooms (from Spotlight for my Aussies), buttons, velvet ribbon and a vintage buckle and bob's your uncle.


Also, any of you see the Japanese Tana Lawn at Spotlight?!?! $14.99 a metre.

scrappy crochet weave scarf

Original name hey! This scarf is super simple and my current favourite to wear. I saw this idea at Calico & Ivy here in Perth and made up my own.

The details.

4 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or whatever yummy squooshy yarn you have.

5mm crochet hook or whatever size you like to achieve the tension you prefer.

Do a bucket load of chains for the length of your scarf and add some more to be safe. Yep, you're crocheting this up and down the length of the scarf.

I did a bunch of double crochet rows, swapping colours and cutting ends, the ends become part of your scarf, that's right not sewing in ends.

I then started doing some treble rows with the intent of weaving ribbon and Liberty Tana Lawn through them. One row I wove a crushed velvet ribbon, the others I used Liberty. I cut across the width of the Liberty about an inch wide and if it wasn't long enough, knotted 2 ends together as this is a scrappy kind of scarf. I did no finishing at all to the Liberty but it wears really nicely and doesn't fray excessively.

Super super simple and so squishy and soft. I have annotated one of the images below at Flickr if you're interested. It's also Ravel'd
Download Craftapalooza – Scrappy Crochet Weave Scarf if you want to print this out.



tutorial: heart, flower & rain cloud felt fridge magnets

This is another one of those tutorials that you don't really need me for, but here it is anyhow. This one is easy peasy!

Grab your felt, my favourite is 100% wool.

You'll also need embroidery thread, I've used 3 strands.

A little bit of your choice of stuffing.

Rare earth magnets, these little suckers are stupid strong.

Some glue, I've used E6000, you don't need much.

  1. Download the template file and print it out at 100%. The template has 2 of each template on it, but you'll only need one, I just didn't want to waste paper, so give a 2nd copy to a friend.
  2. Choose which magnets you want to do and trace these shapes onto your felt, you'll need 2 felt shapes per magnet.
  3. Get one one of your magnets and glue one to one of your felt pairs. This helps keep the magnet in place.
  4. Once the glue has dried grab the other piece of felt and start your blanket stitch around the edge.
  5. Leave a small gap and put your stuffing into your felt shape, then finish your blanket stitch edge. There, you're done!
  6. If you're doing the flower magnets embroider the pattern onto one of the felt pieces before you blanket stitch the 2 shapes together.

Felt Fridge Magnets template – pdf file

For those interested the photos below are Sondra and I, I'm on the left 1973 in Araluen Park I think and Son was the same age, her nonna had put curlers in her hair, CUTENESS!


another distraction from the lack of my crafting

Well I have made some stuff but no photos yet. So instead here's a list of tutorials/ideas from 2009 that I want to remember or try someday. Most of these have posted over at whipup this year. So, in no particular order:

Wild Things tote

Diorama Ornaments

Felt Ball Wreath

No glue CD case

Fabric pumpkin

Dresden plate

Knitted owl pin

25 tea cosies to make image from elbooga

Transfer inkjet images to wood

Faux vintage quilt fun

Polymer clay apple charm

Teapot quilt block

Cluster of glee (the name of this one tickles me!)

Wool felt applique in hoop

Fireworks cards

Origami wrap

Tessuti's favourite top

Salt dough ornaments

Modern vintage potholder

How to make a pinwheel

Homemade vanilla extract

Stack and nested boxes

Silk pillow pattern

Felt ball

Recycled paper bow

Nesting doll shakers

Matchbox advent

Apple placemats

Sewing with knits

Cardboard stampede

Rub-on canvas

Clothesline quilt

Fabric covered moleskine

Tiny knitted bunny

Mimi Kirchner doll

String quilt block

Photos used in mosaic sourced from each of the links above. 


how-to: print, cut and glue your own festive garland

Hi! Counting down to the festive holiday, I don't know about you guys but I am looking forward to a break.

I've just posted a garland tutorial over at whipup, there are 6 templates to choose from and information on how to make your own festive garland like the one below.

2 winners of Mixtape zine are Uglygirl and Andrew D, email me your postal addresses. Thanks to those that entered.

Have a great Friday!


a button wreath tutorial, but you didn’t really need me

Really. You didn't. You guys could work this one out. But I had requests, so here's how I do it.

You'll need:

  • PVA Glue – a white general crafter's glue that dries clear, important to note, CLEAR drying glue! I can't stand glue guns and hot glue and it bloody hurts when you inevitably end up burning yourself. Trust me PVA works fine.
  • A piece of board at least A4 in size to use as backing for the wreath, nice dense board at least 2mm thick and preferably with a coated paper one side. I've used crocodile board.
  • A printout of the template at 100% or scale it to suit your needs, this one is for a 145mm diametre wreath.
  • Buttons! Lots of them. Decide your colour theme. I've used a mixture of new, vintage and scrapbooking buttons. Also, different sizes and textured buttons make for an interesting wreath.
  • A piece of ribbon or whatever you'd like to use to hang your wreath, previously I've used a linen tape, this time I'm using a vintage green velvet ribbon.
  • A buckle to assist with the hanging, I've used a vintage mother of pearl buckle.
  • Scissors

Ok, here we go.

Firstly. Get your template, cut it out and trace it onto the piece of board you're going to use, then cut it out. If you have a few rough edges you can sandpaper them or use an emery board to smooth them.

 Cut out your board

Now the fun begins. Get your cardboard wreath and grab the biggest buttons you are going to use. Start laying them out onto the wreath and add the other buttons to get an idea of placement and to have a play. At this point you could take a photo and keep it available as a reference. This will also give you an idea of the amount of buttons you might need so you find out sooner that you need more!

 Dry run

Start gluing. I glue the largest buttons down first. I usually lay the largest buttons down and arrange them to get an idea for placement and then start gluing these in place. You don't need to go overboard with the glue, apply glue to the back of the button and stick it down. See in the image below how you can see some of the glue, it doesn't matter, this glue dries clear. Once it's dried, all gone.

Add the biggest buttons first

Keep on adding and gluing buttons on. See below, I'm adding more and more and starting to overlap some. Buttons that have a flat shank (not a metal loop) can also been used and are good for sitting on top of other buttons to fill in smaller gaps.

Starting to fill in

Keep on adding more and more buttons, filling in as many spaces as you can. You don't want to see much or any of the board if possible, even overlapping the edges slightly on the inner and outer of the wreath. In this case I like the croc pattern on the board and don't mind if it peaks through. I prefer my buttons to sit as flat as possible, so when layering I try not to have many on angles. Once you've filled in as much of the board as you can, start your layering. Adding some buttons over the top of your base. It helps to also have some itty bitty scrapbooking buttons to fill in small spaces.

Keep on layering 

Then, once you've added as many as you'd like let it sit to dry overnight. Make sure it's on a flat surface as the board might have buckled when you started adding glue, once it starts to dry it should flatten out.

Next. You want to add your ribbon/buckle for hanging. I like to use a buckle and ribbon and hid the knotted ribbon behind the wreath. Tadaaaa! You're done. Enjoy. Add a picture of your wreaths to the existing flickr group "Button: Wreaths, Trees, Balls and Flowers".

EDITED: 5/11 – Here's a pdf of the tutorial including the template for you to download and print. Download Button-wreath-tutorial-craftapalooza.


And here's a couple I've previously done.

Wreath white