52 weeks of nose – week 8

You guys liked the apples and pears hey? Might repeat this one later, you know, at week 40 😛

So the winner of week 7 is commenter number 9, I asked The Son to pick a number between one and 31 and that’s what she came up with. So Erin, come on down….

BTW, seems I post these out in 3-4 week blocks, so if you haven’t received yours don’t panic, it’s coming.

This week’s a little bit of Joel Dewberry goodness from his Ginseng range, purchased at Sew Mama Sew I think. Trimmed with some linen tape.


Leave a comment to go into the draw. Thanks everyone and happy crafting!!


Seems cowls are the new scarf of the knitting world. They’re appealing for numerous reasons. Often only taking one skein of yarn, quick, no flapping loose ends and oh so stylish.

A couple of WIP’s. Beech Wood, though I’ve made a mistake in the pattern and am still undecided whether to frog back. Knit using The Knittery’s cashmere mix sock yarn, oh soft and squishy.


The "Manos Cowl", no Manos here, I’m using Noro Taiyo a yummy cotton mix, again very soft and squishy. Lovely pattern.


And this one’s my own quick pattern. It’s crochet since this seems to be my fiber craft of choice at the moment. Next time I’d make it wider and possibly longer so that I could pin it and play a little. The details:



EDIT 13/6 – Pattern follows or download the pdf.

Crochet using a 4.5mm hook and Zara by Filatura di Crosa, but really guage is no issue as long as you can get it around your neck!

I chained 108 sts (any number of stitches less one for foundation chain). Join in the round with a slip stitch in the first chain and don’t twist the chain.

Round 1: chain 3 (stands as first treble), then 1 treble into first chain made and then continue to 1 treble in each chain in the round, then skip the slip stitch join and 1 slip stitch in third chain of 3 chain at the beginning of the round.

Round 2: 3 chain, 1 treble in first treble of previous round and continue….1 treble in each treble to end, skip slip stitch and then 1 slip stitch in third chain of 3 chain at the beginning of this round…continue round 2 until you’ve reached the desired length.

Reference: "The Crochet Stitch Bible", Betty Barnden.

For those Ravelry users that want more detail, ravel it.

Links to some cowl patterns not mentioned above:
Cashmere cowl – Purl Bee,
Feather and Fan – Stay Fancy Free,
Dolores Park – Six One Seven,
Quickie Cowl – f.pea.

Cowl groups on Flickr and Ravelry.

Happy crafting!

TMCT in the house….

Yep, new species. Teenage Mutant Christmas Turtle. I know, original. Made for The Son….well also for me, am I too old for softies? It seems having a child for the sake of making softies is sorta not right 😉


Made using one of Hilary’s fabulous patterns and yes, hand sewing was fun. Great for the evening TV watching and sewing.


Phew, that’s a blog week and a half for me! Tomorrow little Ted arrives so no doubt you’ll all be bored soon by cute puppy pictures. Next up….Christmas baking. Any of you Aussies seen the Donna Hay Christmas mag yet? Not bad. Some new ideas I think. Few recipes worth trying.

Happy crafting!

Operation ESUD….

A.K.A. introducing two tabby’s to one household, 5 year old Spud and 16 year old Esme.

So far this is the plan…

Set up a room for the new old cat with her own litter box, scratching pole, bed and food. She’s gotta be comfortable because she’s going to be spending a week at the "kitty spa" in this room.

Go to your local cat drug supplier vet and spend an awful lot on feline facial pheromones.

We picked up "The Es" or "Es the Les" or "The Loaf" as she’s often referred to, from her nannas. Brought her into the house in her carrier and put her into the spare bedroom in her carrier. We let Spud "discover" her, have a sniff. Es wasn’t too pleased, little hissing which is fair enough. Spud was nowhere near as aggressive as I thought he might be.

We then got Spud out of the room, let Es out of her carrier, gave her some cuddles and then left her to it. She’s going to spend the week in this room. In the evenings we’re letting her out whilst we’re there to supervise. So far so good. Well The Es isn’t too pleased, lots of growling and hissing but no smacking. Spud’s hissed a bit but mainly I think he wants to play with her. He keeps charging her and then stopping just as he gets close. Cheeky bugger.

We’re doing a lot of rubbing them both and spreading each other’s cat stink on the other. So send us happy communal feline wishes. No pics yet, but I will. Es is very sweet and in extremely good nick for an old gal.


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Still working out some flickr blogging. Hopefully you’re distracted by the very cute Martha.

assistance required

Here’s the deal. Cooking dinner Sunday night for four of us, undecided about mains. Want to help me decide? If so vote on the poll below. You have until sometime Saturday morning, depends when I go shopping for ingredients. Keep in mind it’s winter in my part of the world at the moment, so warm food is where it’s at. I was looking at good old bangers and mash, but haven’t found myself a sausage maker I love in Perth.

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Dessert will either be sweet pumpkin pie or whoopie pies (chocolate and marshmallow), depending on mains. Not sure of a starter, but thinking maybe some vegie dip, but we probably won’t need it. Will also serve some greens with mains, maybe some broccolini.

So people, bring it. Will be interesting to see what you guys think and thanks in advance if you take the poll!