and….we’re back

Well, I can't make any promises but I seem to be hanging on to the blog even though I'm not often here. I'm gonna try. Seriously.

So, good Christmas and New Year? I had an awesome at home holiday with the Mrs. It helped by the addition of a new fur kid. Yep we now have 4 fur babies. Well and truly outnumbered. Meet Gossip. She's a 4 year old Pug. We purchased her off a breeder who was retiring her. She is totally adorable and so so cute. If you have a pug or have had one you'll get it. They are the sweetest, funniest, most stubborn little snorty critters. All the other critters like her, well, are getting to know her, but no major dramas which is a relief. If you've been on my flickr or instagram you would have seen her. But if you haven't here, let me bore you with my fur baby.


Aside from that not a lot else, just movie and TV watching, going to the gym, still, yep. Oh and cross stitch.


Oh and I've joined a swap, but don't tell the Mrs, she thinks I have enough on my plate…sssh.


Sssssh. Quick. She’s not looking. I got tired of her talking to me about how she needs to blog. So I’ve taken matters into my own paws and am posting for boss lady. I’m hoping my disguise will work ’cause she’ll be pissed at me. Licks and bum sniffs. Teddy xo


no crafting content, but how about a cute dog?

Hi! Crafting is stalled but you know I have the usual GRAND holiday plans to sew a bucket load of quilt tops and make inroads to a bunch of other crafty goodness. I've already dobbed myself in to sew napkins and a table runner for Christmas lunch. Yeah I know, I can hear you all coughing *bullshit* behind your hands. If I get one quilt top done, I'll be a happy lady.

In the meantime, can I distract you with a dark, blurry video of Teddy's pre-walk performance? No? Too bad.

Back soon with, fingers cross, crafting content.

to market

Hey! Thanks for the sweet comments on the last post. I've still got this damn cold/flu thing but feeling a lot better than what I was. Ted, he's doing ok, his legs are still giving him grief but he's not yelping, though I'm sure it hurts and we'll do whatever we need to get it fixed. We're off to see the surgeon next week, so fingers and pink bits crossed.

I've been working on product to take to the market and I'm getting there. The coasters and cards pictured in this post are some of the items I'm taking. I love these coasters, any excuse to use Liberty and linen together. Also, not the best picture, but I've rubber stamped my name on the back of them. The linen's a little coarse so it's not super clear.

Liberty criss cross coasters

What else? Not much, working and getting better, crafting and really hanging out for the 2 weeks off I have at Christmas with Sondra. Oh yes, thinking and working on my back-tack partner's goodies. I admit I was lacking in inspiration and ideas, but I cracked it today and I think I've hatched an idea of sorts. So PHEW to that.

Currently loving and listening to Fleet Foxes. Until next time, happy crafting!

Christmas cards bauble

Coaster stamped