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Welcome to the Darling Basket pattern tips and tricks page!

Darling Basket is a fabulous riff on a vintage block. I have used Denyse Schmidt's range Darling. I LOVE her vintage vibe. If you sew the Darling Basket pattern please share it with me, I'd love to see your make. On Instagram you can tag #DarlingBasketPattern 

A note about bias tape

Note - if you don't have a ½" bias tape maker, you can use a hera marker to make a quarter inch seam allowance from edge long edge and then carefully fold and press each side down. You could also use pre-made single fold bias, you want a finished width of  ½".

How to make and applique bias handles to the Darling Basket blocks

The following video shows how to make the handles for this pattern. It includes how to make the bias binding, ironing the handle into a curve and then attaching and stitching down the handle.


Why use single fold bias tape for Darling Basket?

Below is a photo of the difference between single fold and double fold bias binding. We're using single fold for this project to reduce bulk. Double fold is often used to bind quilts, the open side of the folded binding is stitched to the quilt and then the creased edge is folded over to the back and stitched down. Double fold gives durability to quilt edges. Single fold is often used for curved binding in applique and smaller patchwork projects.



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