Sew the Kinship Fusion Sampler!

Sew the Kinship Fusion Sampler! - Craftapalooza Designs
If there's one quilt along you want to do for 2021 it's Angie's - GnomeAngel 100 Days 100 Blocks. The premise being you sew a block a day for 100 days and share to social media, with a bunch of other people. BEFORE you *sigh and walk away thinking 'crazy pants 100 blocks in a 100 days who has time for that', I'll explain. Read on Padawan...

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Managing your quilt WIPs

Managing your quilt WIPs - Craftapalooza Designs

How many quilt projects do you have on the go? 5, 10, 20... more? No shame in your game however many works in progress (WIP's) you have or don't have! I have a free quilt planner and tracker ready for you to download!

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