rag rug complete!

It's done! It's heavy and I killed my wrist and hand crocheting it but I think I sorta like it. It falls in the yum/yuck category for sure. A great stash busting project and it came together pretty quick. I ripped 1.5-2 inch strips. 12mm crochet hook. Magic loop to start. Single crochet around into previous round with a single crochet between each. Final round 2 single crochets between. That's about it. Thanks to Jodie for the inspiration, check out the flickr group for other's rugs!

Rag rug finished

Rag rug along

The awesomeness that is Jodie is hosting a rag rug along. I saw the girls (Fi, Bianca, Jodie & Kate) talking about it on twitter and was tempted. Then thought nah. Don't have the time etc. Then Saturday night watching a movie I couldn't just sit there and so out came the scraps and I started ripping. I snipped and ripped 1.5ish inch strips. Measured the first strip and then got over that and guessed the rest.

I started with the plait method and used the technique Jodie was using for slipping the strip through the previous round. I couldnt get it to work, definitely an issue with me! So I decided I'd crochet it. Magic loop to start and then single crochet to get around and slip stitch to join in a circle. I single crochet around and then started adding a single crochet between each crochet into previous round. This is so I could crochet into the gap created by this single crochet. Easier on my hands. If I make a 2nd it will be using the plait, I've given myself a stiff arm/shoulder/hand crocheting it! Here's  my progress since Saturday, it's one hefty rug. Thanks ladies for the inspiration and excuse these terribly dark iphone pictures.

Rag rug progress. Looks a little rough.

#ragrug progress. Hookin away. Killing my forearm.

Last pic of the night. Off to bed. #ragrug

Progress. With #pug assistance. #ragrug

Sunday night progress. #ragrug

recently. via instagram


I've become obssessed with embroidering and cross stitch and crochet edging. Excuse the lack of ironing.


See more. I want to crochet all edges of all things.


I ripped my palm. I guess it's a crossfit rite of passage.


You can't pee in peace, this is my pee buddy.


See, cross stitch. Itty bitty apple about 12mm high. I blame Mrs McPorkchop.


Well, hey there. Yep, it's been over 3 weeks since I last posted, dunno what's with that. I'm not going to stew on it too much. I even missed my blog's 6th birthday! Belated Happy 6th birthday blog. I've been crocheting a lot lately. I picked up this blanket again recently. It's a great night time project in front of the telly and heater. BTW have you seen Sarah's iCrochet project? Get on board and submit your favourite project, great to see what other's are up to. How about Victoria Mason's amazing granny square necklace or Kirsty's contortionsist crochet bracelet and how-to make your own??

I was thinking a blog birthday giveaway but not sure since I skipped it! How about this, leave a comment by this Saturday and I'll randomly select 6 of you to receive a crafty gift from me…I figure after 6 years I can give back a little.

Happy crafting!


Snotty mitts

I'm posting from my iPhone as I just don't seem to have the time/mojo for blogging at the moment. I'm at a bit of a crossroads with it. Anyhow. I've been night crafting. Crocheting mostly. I finished these mitts ages ago, sewed up one and one has been sitting there taunting me to finish. So this morning before heading off to the gym I did.
I used Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre which was probably not the best choice as far as stretch and give. But they're pretty (what a bloody inspiring post!).
They are toasty warm and pretty and that's enough for me! Sorry for the iPhone pictures!

easter buns, already…

First up sorry for the silence yet again! Busy couple of weeks and I resigned from my job of 8 years to take on a new role that I'll start in about 3 weeks. It's exciting but sort of terrifying, you know the devil you know and all that!! I'm positive about the new job and the possibilities and challenges it'll bring. Big change but a good kick out of my very deep comfort zone.

So the post title? Yep bunnies. Already. Some a gifts and some I'll probably have at some markets. They have little plastic egg capsules in them that you can put a chocolate or other little gifty. All the details at Ravelry.

I'm also working on some seat covers for a friend's ute. Yep, you read right, Katja did design work for me and my part of the bargain is seat covers. We started yesterday and at first it was quite daunting but I think we'll finish with a result she'll be happy with. I'll post some pictures soon.

Happy crafting!


crochet dishcloths are not icky!

I used to think that knitted/crochet dishcloths were gross! I have no rational reason for this. At some point I became a convert and we have been for the past few years a handmade dishcloth house. We save on not buying dishcloths, they are easy to look after, put them in the wash when they're ready for a clean. We use about 3 a week. Just keep them wrung out and hanging up when they're not in use so they dry out.

My current favourite go-to pattern is the Just Right Dishcloth pattern, it's crochet and it's quick. These were crochet using Peaches & Creme and were gifted to a friend. Before this pattern my favourite was the Practically Hyperbolic dishcloth pattern, another crochet pattern.