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      Kitty Basket Meow quilt block

      Kitty Basket Meow quilt block | Craftapalooza Designs

      Kitty Basket Meow (KBM) is a quilt block that comes with full piecing instructions and four layout options. KBM is a big gal finishing at 18", so she would also be perfect for a cushion or mini quilt. As the block is 18" it won't take you many blocks to get to a decent quilt size, sewing 16 blocks will get you a 72" × 72" quilt.


      KBM is a new series of 'block only' releases. The block has been tested and you're provided with cutting instructions for single block and in this instance 16 blocks for a 4 x 4 layout. There are different options provided for the layouts. No overall maths for fabric quantities are provided. It's a straight up block, but this PDF is value packed and you can download, print, get your templates sorted and get sewing.

      Kitty Basket Meow details:

      • Finished Block size: 18" × 18" - yes she's a big gal. There are lots of opportunities for you to dive into your stash and choose some larger scale prints that you can fussy cut.

      • PDF Templates for the block - all clearly labelled and tested. Download. Print at 100%, check your 1" measurement and then trace on to template plastic or print onto a heavier board. I sometimes send mine to a print shop (like Officeworks here in Australia) and get them printed on a 300gsm board with a matt laminate, so they can be used again and again with no wearing down of the edges.

      • Full diagram instructions for piecing KBM - clear illustrations that take you through section by section of the block on how to construct the block. A lot of my blocks suit hand piecing, but if you are ok with some occasional partial seams or y seams you're good to go.

      • Cutting instructions including fabric colour value suggestions - there is maths for cutting one block or cutting 16 blocks (for the 4 x 4 layouts provided). But no yardage maths. Jump into your stash and get sewing. There is also colour value suggestions to assist you when choosing fabrics for your blocks.

      • 4 layout options for a quilt 72" × 72" - blocks that create secondary patterns are one of my favourite in the quilting world and Kitty Basket Meow delivers! She's a slightly different looking block alone, but put her in a layout and she comes alive. This pdf includes 4 layout options for a square quilt.

      • Quilting suggestion - A diagram showing how to quilt your KBM quilt blocks.


      Yes KMB is a template pattern. If you are new to them on my blog is a template post on how to make your own from those supplied in a pattern. Basically you want them printed on a board or traced onto a template plastic so that your edges maintain their integrity whilst you're using them.

       Why Kitty Basket Meow?

      Can you see the kitty's in the pattern? Then there are the baskets, and well meow just finished it off nicely. Oh and I'm a kitty mum to 3 cats. We have two tabbies, Spud who is 20!, Piggie is 14 and our tortie, Kidden is 4. Kidden I rescued after she was dumped as a baby kitty at the industrial estate I worked at. I spent a week trying to catch her in a trap, eventually catching her! She then gave us all ringworm, that was fun, not lol.

      If you sew Kitty Basket Meow and share on socials please do tag me and use #kittybasketmeowblock.

      Craftapalooza DesignsKitty Basket Meow quilt block

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