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Hi there! Yep it’s one of those ‘About Us’ pages. Here goes…

Hi, I’m Nic Vaughan, a 50ish yeaer old who’s discovered her life’s passion ‘late’ in life. I've been sewing patchwork and quilting for over 15 years.

So I’m stepping out and putting my designs out there… with a good dash of shyness and trepidation but also a dollop of courage and why the heck not. If 2020 taught me anything it’s that life is short and I need to suck it and try… so I here I am, not sucking no, but giving it a good hot crack!

Oh yeah about the quilting… I LOVE scrappy quilting and handwork. Hand piecing, needle turn appliqué and hand quilting are my jam. My designs will be a mixture of those techniques as well as patterns that you can also sew on the machine.

For the curious types, I live in one of the most isolated cities in the world, Perth, Western Australia, Australia with my partner and our four fur kids (a pug and 3 kitties). Aside from quilting I love to cook, workout inconsistently (so I can sit and quilt!), watching movies as well as breakfast out with friends (depending on pandemics of course!).

I also work in Social Media for a media agency as well as managing a couple of my own clients, in particular, Make Modern Magazine.

Reach out via the contact details below. I welcome collaborations and questions about my patterns. If you are a shop, online or bricks and mortar or guild and want to run a sew along or buy patterns wholesale fill out the contact form below and we can chat!

Nic Vaughan - Craftapalooza Designs