ta-daa Kitty

J9’s coming over today for a knit and cuppa which pushed me to finally finish this kitty as a VERY belated birthday present for her. She’s from Denise Schmidt’s latest book. Easy to make and lots of fun and very easy to add character to her.

I’ve also got some other goodies to post, stuff I’ve recently acquired and my Better the Pal You Know went nutso and sent me a HUGE box! The postage must have killed her. I need to take some pics. But if you’re reading this Pal, WOWzers and thanks so much for a very thoughtful gift.

ta-daa kitty


Trudesign tagged me. Here goes.

1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five people to do the same.

"A fine documentary." – Hmmm not a very interesting result, hey!

Ok, tag….J9 (new West Aussie Blogger), Kath, Di (belated Happy Blog Birthday Di!), Saffron (if you’re a foodie read her lastest Omnivoribus Australis) and Amy.

No obligation to play people, only if you want to 🙂

Kate has also tagged me. But I’m going to have to think about this one.

Self portrait Tuesday

Kath’s theme for this month’s Self Portrait Tuesday is Body Parts. Thought I’d go for the safe cute shot this week. This is my right breast and Luka (Luka’s the cute part, thank you!). I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my breasts. They were never going to be small, my mum has always had a large chest. Saying that I was flat chested until I was about 17. Then it was overnight DD cup territory, quite terrifying. I think though it was the sudden unwanted male attention that was surprising once they decided to arrive.

They come in handy sometimes, as pictured below. Great cushion for a little person’s head. I’m sure Doughman has an opinion, but not one he’d want to share or that I’d like shared with the internet, as much as I love you all!

B1 and B2 do often get in the way. I’m used to them bumping things, but the problem is usually other people’s embarrassment at knocking one. I try to just downplay or ignore it, depends on the person.

Lovely Luka came along to the IV retreat this weekend. He’s lovely. Very cuddly and happy ALL of the time (well most of the time). I should mention that Em’s his mummy 🙂


IV Retreat 05 - Luca and boob again

Here’s the flickr pics.

Is your vulva itchy?

We met, we ATE, we knit, we drank killer mango daiquiri, we watched some classics and some of us had wind, some didn’t. One of us got to poop in our pants, get cuddled and cooed at all weekend. Some of us made icecream (thank you Em), cooked dinner (thanks me) and cooked breakfast TWICE, not once but TWICE (thanks Rob) for everyone. AND Em made us all the best gift bags, stuffed with lots of goodies. You can’t quite read it on her blog, but the label on the bag says "does my vulva look itchy in this".

Mango daiquiri.

IV Retreat 05 - THE daiquiri

Me, after several daiquiri, me who rarely drinks. What’s with the pouting?!

IV Retreat 05 - After a few daiquiri

Sunset view over the ocean from the apartment.

IV Retreat 05 - Sunset

But noone had an itchy vulva. Varicose veins, but no itch. But that’s a whole other story! More pics at flickr.

Go on over and visit Amanda and congratulate her on the birth of her lovely new daughter.

Something to keep you amused…

If you’re reading this it’s Friday (well, where I am it is!) and I’m not working today. I’m out fabric browsing I’m sending out back-tack matchups 🙂 it’ll take me a couple of hours and it’s nice to be at home in peace just sitting and doing and not being distracted (Doughman is lovely, but he often wants to chat when I’m on the computer and I can’t afford to make mistakes, trust me 😉 ), having a chai and packing for the IV’s annual retreat. We spend the weekend from Friday evening (or if you’re fortunate like Emma and I from FriDAY) until Sunday morning in an apartment overlooking the beach knitting, eating, watching films and chatting. Just hanging out and having a big old knit. These guys are hardcore. It’s wake up at 6am for some of them and start knitting! Mad I tell you. Emma’s going to crack open her new icecream maker for a chai icecream making session, I’m cooking Jamie Oliver’s fish pie, Robynne’s cookin’ up a breakfast, Madge is on snacks and Gayle’s gonna bake up something sweet. Oh and I’m on mango daiquiri duty 🙂

To keep you entertained whilst I’m gone please do check out Stuff on my Cat, EVEN if you don’t like cats, go and see, you’ll enjoy.

I finished another kitty. This one was meant for me but she’s gone and traded herself, hussy! I’ll just make another. I love this fabric, so cute. I also like the french knots for her eyes. She’s made from a wool fabric, with bone shaped wool felt accessories. Her dress is lined with silk.

doggy kitty

I’d like to also introduce our neighbour, Spooky. Spooky is the cuddly cat that Spud isn’t. I love Spud, but he’s no lap cat. Spooky’s the kind of kitty that’ll crawl into your lap and bury his head in your armpit (yes, your armpit) and start purring and eventually snoring. He’s a lovely kitty. He and Spud play paws through the back door so I thought it was time they met. Not tooo bad. No hissy or freaking out like cats can, also good considering Spooky was in Spud’s house. Hmmmm good excuse for me to get another kitty. This pic was a "stick the camera under the table with the flash on and see what happens". So I didn’t see that Spooky was about to get a face full of flash and I had no idea what Spud was up to. Very cute.

spud n spooky

Have a great weekend.

Finished business

pink kitty

These pics have been up at flickr for over a week and I’ve been meaning to post about them. One of these kitties was made as part of my blog birthday celebrations. She was a gift to the winner of the competition. The winner was Susie at Jujeeland and little pink kitty above is winging her way to her as I post this. I’m really happy with her wonky eyes (though the wonkiness wasn’t intentional). Both kitties stand between 8-9cm tall.

Next up we have this rather mod looking kitty. Her dress is silk lined and the outer fabric is from a tea towel. Her body and arms of made from lovely wool and she’s wearing wool felt accessories, her shoulder straps are velvet ribbon. She’s available for swap or purchase. Email me if you’re interested and we’ll talk! Done! Thanks.

white kitty

I succumbed to the new Denise Schmidt book (ISBN 0811844420). These cards are from her book. Great idea! I came home from work last Friday very glad the week was over and spent about 30mins making these two. Very satisfying and a really fun, simple way to use up scrap fabric. I’m also making the kitty from Denise’s book, I’ve stalled in the middle of her, she’ll be along soon enough!

sewn card from Denise Schmidt book sewn card from Denise Schmidt book

Self portrait Tuesday

me - 1973

Scraping the bottom of the barrel this week, gone for the cute infant picture of myself. This is 1973, I’m between 18 months and 2 years old. It’s before my little sister is born and it feels like it was a peaceful time for my parents (trust me, no a lot of quiet in their lives), just the 3 of us. My parents were 18 and 21 when they had me, babies themselves. I think at this time my mum was working nights as a Hungry Jacks checkout chick and during the day my dad was selling cars. They definitely didn’t start their adult lives the easy way! I’m 33 and still deciding whether or not to have babies.

Self-portrait website set up by Kathreen (onya Kathreen!!). Link to flickr group.

Aaaah, only just now seen this month’s suggested theme, Body Parts. Too late now. Look forward to seeing the naughtiness that a theme like this will no doubt encourage!